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Less than half a month until I get my (1/18th) Countach. Another holy grail. Delayed gratification for the win.
Apr 17 2017 09:15 PM
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    There's a lot of love for the LP400 and the 25th anniversary here.

    The Lp500, the 5000QV are the most beautiful Countachs to me. But I can see why people love the LP400 and prototype.

    The shape and skirts of the 25th always bothered me though.

    What do you both like about the design of the 25th?
    Apr 19 2017 01:33 AM
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    I like every Countachs but I got the silver 25th anniversary because oits the last Countach ever made, wingless with a still aggressive look :)
    Apr 19 2017 07:46 AM
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    Nice! I was close to getting the blue WW as well. Found it for just £130 from a UK seller, but then chanced upon a mint black 25th Ann for just £150 from a French seller on eBay so snapped that up immediately :)
    Apr 20 2017 03:14 AM

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