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2015 - 2017 GT Spirit News.

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Posted Yesterday, 11:52 AM

I agree with you guys on the 993, they just made the speedlines and put them on the boring dark blue they made a while ago. The UT version is still decent enough for me not to bother with the GTS.

As for the American price rise, that is very unfair for you guys across the Atlantic. I guess GT spirit are slowly becoming as greedy as all the other model companies. Hopefully, it will resolved and you won't have to pay $40 more for their models.


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Posted Yesterday, 11:56 AM

View PostZtune, on 23 June 2017 - 11:13 AM, said:

Guess I won't be buying from GT Spirit again...the $99 price point was good for resin.  $140 is not worth it for the models they offer and I definitely would not have paid that for the GT Spirit model I have.

That is what I got from American Excellence this morning, and I guess others got it too. I always complained about OTTO/GT how they deal with us in US and how they steal money from US on taxes and shipping rates. And it seems that GT wants more cash from US. . . However, to be fair American Excellence is not trying to protect US buyers, it wants to protect its business. I don't know how much I am right, but I think I am quite a lot, when I say that main reason why people go to AE are OTTO and GT spirit models. They are quite cheaper then getting them from any US store or GT directly. All other models are, in particular AUTOart, are quite more expensive and most of the time prices are just prices from MCW in EUROS here shown in US $. And there is another important detail! AE doesn't bother to subtract VAT! Just like OTTO/GT Spirit. . . So what AE is doing here is just trying to protect its own business and existence in US. . . However, I am really curious about this "war". Weather is it true or not, and how "nice" is GT Spirit toward customers in US. . .

ps I didn't mention price inflation on AE/MCW but that that is also something to add on how AE fights for us to get fair prices. . .
pps I also didn't mention it AE would be fair then GT should cost 80$. First subtract VAT then convert euros to $.

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Posted Yesterday, 12:05 PM

View Postironsim, on 23 June 2017 - 11:50 AM, said:

Prices are not better here in Canada, most stores sell GT Spirit models for 179.95$cad + taxes(15%) + shipping, if I get them from GT Spirit.com preorders its about 140$cad shipped+ customs around 30-35$cad so end up to 170-175$cad shipped

That's why I'm not buying from the clubhouse anymore. Only 50% of my packages from CK have been taxed, so I would take that chance, certainly better than 100% taxed from DHL.

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Posted Yesterday, 12:17 PM

That $99 at AE was really good price for those living in US. Here in Canada the last GTS pre-ordered directly from their website cost me precisely $130 all in with shipping and customs fees payed. Since there are no customs fees charges in the US (for now) you guys are better off pre-ordering from GTS.

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Posted Yesterday, 03:31 PM

View PostJosh, on 23 June 2017 - 11:32 AM, said:

Very lousy business from GT Spirit, and I was just starting to come over to them. Good thing Autoart is doing the 911 GT3RS as well, I guess there is at least one more plastic model in my future from them now. No way I am supporting GTS after this. I think it is awesome when dealers open up with us like this, so good on that guy at AE!!

Ironically however AE has by far the worst prices in the US for Autoart models.

That is so true. Their AutoArt prices are ASTRONOMICAL. Good prices on most everything else, but AUTOart models are outrageous on AE.

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Posted Yesterday, 04:20 PM

Also they sell BOS models at around 50% less than everyone else..the only brand that seems to be high priced is AUTOart.. Looks like they sell them at AUTOart suggested retail price.. They probably have to.

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Posted Yesterday, 04:36 PM

GTS must have had issues getting rid of the blue 993, and slapped some (extremely poor) Speedlines on 300 of them. Voila, super limited!

I do prefer Speedlines over BBS on the GT2 but just look at those wheels. Thats proper lowend/toy quality on the finish, looks so out of place compared to the quite nice car.

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