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Months ago I accidentally deleted my tracking spreadsheet for my model purchases (the backup only went to early 2016). I just finished DAYS scouring old emails for orders and PayPal and other charge notifications to get the details of the missing 3+ years. And I got a bonus - I found I obtained a Holy Grail back in Dec. 2018, despite having NO memory of the purchase! I had to find the (unlabeled) shipping box to confirm I really got it. An early birthday present!
Jun 12 2020 01:19 AM
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    I've done a basic Word spreadsheet with the prices for my family, just in case... To be sure that they can sell my collection at the right value.
    Jun 13 2020 03:34 AM
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    Florian - considering all the detritus that we collect over time, it's probably best that we provide our survivors-to-be with lists of vendors, companies, etc., who will buy whole collections en masse since they won't be familiar enough, nor have the time to sell them piece-by-piece. They won't get true value, but it will simplify the process and they can still confirm they're getting a proper percentage by having the spreadsheet to compare ;-).
    Jun 13 2020 12:31 PM
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    Happy for you Red. I really need to update my spreadsheet. I’m sure there are a model or two on there that I sold. And models I have that I didn’t add.
    Jun 15 2020 09:43 AM

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