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Maisto Mercedes CLK-GTR Race Car 1997 1:18 review

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 12:45 PM

Hiya DX!

Seeing as my camera still can't bring out intricate details and I've got lots of budget models around, I took another one out for this review.
This is a well known Maisto, the Mercedes CLK-GTR racing version, which won the FIA GT1 series in 1997.

The only competitor for this Maisto that I know of is the AUTOart version. For the purposes of this review, I'll just assume that it's better.

From previous experience, this model is regarded as being really rather good, alongside the other Maisto GT Racing cars. Let's take another look, shall we?

General fit, exterior and stance

The opening parts include the doors and the rear engine cover. It has working steering and suspension.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The body shape, overall, is well replicated. The front end is a little bit too short, and the car looks slightly squished. The model is either a little bit too short or the roof is slightly too tall, or both.

The metalwork is really good, with thin and even shutlines for the opening parts (except the A-pillar).
Most of the bodywork sits flush, with no extra chunkiness, apart from the usual found in every 1990s Maisto model.

The entire main body is thick diecast metal, but the plastic parts feel and look relatively cheap.

The stance is nearly perfect, it could only be improved by improving the body shape accuracy. It's easily the lowest riding car in my collection, as it should be.


There's nothing bad to say about it really. The colour is good, with even paint application over the car. The paint isn't too thick or thin and it's got the right shine to it. However, it's riddled with small inperfections, most notably, mould lines on the front and rear bumpers.

Posted Image

The livery looks really really good. I can't spot any stickers anywhere and the tampos are all correctly applied. I'm not sure if it's 100% accurate though.

Engine bay

Here lies the car's first party piece, the removable engine cover! The car comes with instuctions on how to open and close it, but you really should take care on your very first attempt.

Posted Image

The engine cover sits flush with the rest of the body and has amazing shutlines, at least on mine. It looks and feels great!
Here's the inside...

Posted Image

I mean, you're not supposed to see this most of the time, but I think the application of paint here is quite remarkable, at least when compared to their Ferrari F50. I'll get to that someday.

Posted Image

This is a beautiful engine for Maisto standards. The cylinder head covers, exhaust manifolds, intake manifold, engine wiring, rear mufflers and suspension are all visible in all of their glory.
The carbon intake manifold looks decent and so does the pushrod suspension, which actually works!
Unfortunately, the red plastic parts look disgraceful, but could be taken to a whole new level with custom detailing.


The interior of the model looks great, almost like a UT models, not a Maisto. Lots and lots of individually painted and labelled buttons all around the cockpit, next to endless simulated carbon fibre.

It also features plastic seatbelts, a well defined steering wheel, gear shifter, handbrake, pedals and door cards. But it also uses a sticker for the entire gauge cluster.

Posted Image

Just to clarify, the dashboard does not look this beige in real life. Also, photographing this interior is really difficult, sorry.

Wheels, tires and brakes

Posted Image

This is how the CLK-GTR wheels are supposed to be. The wheel design, tire profile, tire widths and tire markings are just right.

The car has brakes, which may look really small, but AUTOart also has this brake size. No calipers.

Interestingly, the tires aren't racing slicks. They're either rain tyres or road car tires.


The headlights are quite terrible. They're not this yellow on the real car, and they don't have attachment stubs in the middle.

Posted Image

The taillights aren't much better, though at least they're the right color.

Posted Image

The front end has a multitude of problems. Firstly, the three-pointed star is slanted, the steering wheel looks weird through the windshield, the wing mirrors look cheap, the A-pillars have horrendous panel gaps and the air intake hole has an orange sticker on it. what.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Lastly, an interesting fact. I swear, every hole on this car is either perforated or a gaping hole. Looking through the hole on the side of the front bumper...

Posted Image


It's a GT1 race car, I won't even bother, it's completely flat with simulated carbon fibre. The rear diffuser looks very realistic from the outside, props for that!


Woah, this is easily the longest review I've written until now, and I enjoyed every moment of writing it. This is certainly a special Maisto, with lots of interesting stuff to show off or to look at.

It's very well detailed for the most part, especially for a 40€ Maisto. If you aren't happy with what you've seen here, you should get the AUTOart version, but for the others, you should purchase one of these.

As for me...I should fix that orange air intake hole...I mean, seriously...why....?

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Posted 13 December 2017 - 07:06 AM

Great review, thanks for posting it! :eusa_clap:

I've held a few of them in my hands in the past and I liked the blue #12 better ("Original-Teile" livery), but I ended up not buying any mostly because of the negatives you mentioned.


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Posted 03 June 2020 - 08:41 AM

I know this a long while after posting, but I just picked up an Original-Teile version for £20, so it's good to see some detail on what I can expect. Thanks.

For the money it looks good to me - Obviously not up to the AUTOart standard, but a good stand in, especially as I'm not a big Mercedes fan, I just seem to have developed a GT1 addiction in the last few days!  :rolleyes:


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