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Showcase cover image for Welly 1/24-1/27 Unmarked 2013 Ford Police Interceptor

General Information

This is produced by welly in the 1/27 scale they're known for. Car came to me like this it was formally a "Police interceptor" released when ford introduced the interceptor police package taurus in 2013. It had the black lettering professionally removed. I took it a step more and added on two radio antennas. One on the rear decklid and one centered on the roof. These were sourced from a broken 1/43 scale dodge charger from first response replicas. The lightbar has been professionally removed by me. I made a feable attempt to add simulated wheel weights that were painted on. Not the best looking but will be corrected. I did carefully detail out both headlamps to look like the real thing both parking lights, projector beams, and both front turn signal lamps painted and finished up the headlamp assemblies with the blacked out look. I added the black painted rear trunk keyhole like the real car. This is an unfinished project, what's next to come;
Window tint (I use testors black smoke in the can) possible setina pushbar, either A. drill two holes or B. simply glue the pushbar to the bumper. Interior lights (static non-working) on the front visor and rear shelf. Dual unity spotlamps will be added.
Laptop, radio console, dashboard mounted radar system, flashlight, front seatback organizer and custom plates for my state (michigan) will all added on by me as well. Stay tuned for more!


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