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  1. DX Sedan | Coupe | Convertible
    It seems it's been forever since I added a new Kyosho model, their latest release is the Rolls Royce Ghost. This is an exceptional model, the amount of detail and the level of execution is second to none. The list of detail or functional items includes; opening rear and front bonnets...
  2. DX Exotics | Sports Cars
    Say what you want about Guiloy, but my hats off to them!! From the very unique subject matter to the nicely detailed models, I love them. Let's not forgot their unique packaging too! This is my 4th Guiloy model, some of the others includes the Mercedes C-111 and C-112, and the Hispano Suiza...
  3. DX Trucks | SUV | Haulers
    About a year or so ago I came across of few of these models at a ridiculous price and I didn't buy them (I still kick myself in the ass for not doing so). Fast forward to today I can say I finally have one in my collection but at double the price :( Since I'm a avid collector of concepts and...
1-3 of 3 Results