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  1. Body and Exterior Works
    Hello, I was thinking of purchasing a TSM 1/18 McLaren F1 GTR "Ueno Clinic". A pic is linked below for reference. To the best of my knowledge, the TSM's are the most accurate 1/18 Ueno Clinic F1's. Nevertheless.... there are several mods that I'd like to do: 1) Front fender flares primarily...
  2. DX Classic | Vintage
    Norev take @ 1/18 scale of Mercedes Benz W115 - model 200. More than decent representation of W115, nice details. Read earlier there's no thread dedicated to Norev's W115!? Hard to believe, but here's my photo session with the white Merc.
  3. 1/18 Chevorlet Silverado ext cab Step-side

    1999 Chevorlet Silverado (Project truck) Vortec Engine Clean low miles. New tires! Clean Silver wolf gray interior. Spacious and luxury! Throw a deer or a bike on back of this thing and riiide! I think I'll do a custom lift. Then add a nice set of Mud Tires. Z71 1500 Summer 21 project...
  4. 1/18 Smiff's Customs Classic diecast sneek peek

    His and Hers 1955 Caddilac Fleetwood. My 1965 Gatorade cool blue Chevrolet Corvette coupe custom by. Smiff's Custom1/18 LLC A gift I customized for my wife. 1970 Chevelle SS (custom) 24" chrome iRoc Rims. Won this 1968 SS Chevelle on eBay back in 2017. Im just finishing it 2021. I wanted to...
  5. 1/18 Ertl 1967 Chevorlet Chevelle SS (427 TT motor swap)

    1/18 67 Chevelle Motor swap from A factory SS 396 to a 427 twin turbo w/racing transmission. Custom rear-end Fatboy Goodyear racing Slicks on the back. Added sponsors logos. Parachutes added. And racing gastank built in the trunk.more photos to come!
  6. 1/18 1962 SS Impala coupe (Custom 🍑 interior

    Sold for $71.00 I added custom Lambo doors, Custom 🍑 interior and peach candy paint job.
  7. Hot Wheels | Mattel
    Hello for one more time with another Ferrari by HotWheels Elite! They have just revealed some shots of their upcoming 458 Challenge. DecoMaster pre-production pictures as usual. Enjoy the pictures and feel free to express your opinion! Enjoy :
  8. Hot Wheels | Mattel
    HotWheels Elite have just uploaded some beta deco-master pictures of their upcoming Ferrari 458 Spider and it seems to be better detailed than the 458 Italia. (exhausts are finally fixed!) The steering wheel looks too low though but I guess that it'll be fixed until release. Have a look at the...
  9. Interior Works
    Hello guys! As I'll grab one Ferrari FF by HotWheels Elite soon, I'd like to know how to carpet the boot and floor of it (black carpeting). Tutorials and pics are welcome. If I remember right, Raidou has already carpeted his FF. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hot Wheels | Mattel
    Hello for one more time! My dealer brought the Ferrari FF by HotWheels Elite in all colors available and I can't decide which one to pick. Certainly, I'm between the RED ( W1105) and the BLUE (W1118). Also, notice that the BLUE one costs 15,5euros less than the red one. I like them both but I...
  11. DX Sedan | Coupe | Convertible
    A china edition that's been exported by kyosho
  12. Wheels, Brakes and Stance works
    Hello all -- I'm new hear so apologies in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong forum. :) I was wondering if anyone here has managed to successfully change/remove the wheels of their 1/18 Kyosho F40? I don't really fancy the black OZ wheels and would rather replace them with the stock F40...
  13. DX Sedan | Coupe | Convertible
    I'm sorry for the bad pics, will post some better pics later!
  14. DX Classic | Vintage
    As Elvis-fan you should have this model in your collection off course
  15. DX Classic | Vintage
    I've searched over 2 years and now I've finally got one, I'm so happy with it
1-19 of 19 Results