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  1. DX Motorcycles
    Here is another 1/18 bike by Bburago: Aprilia Shiver 750. It is again all plastic and rather light as the TNT Titanium (http://www.diecastxc...i-tnt-titanium/) but, on the other hand, Shiver is really little bit larger than it should be and it is about 1/17 scale. But it is still nice. Below are...
  2. DX Motorcycles
    Here it is: 1/18 Benelli TNT Titanium by Bburago. When the model came to me I first thought that it is out fo scale, I mean too small but then I found tech specs of real bike and measured the model (wheelbase) and it ia in perfect 1/18 scale. The model is almost all plastic and very light but it...
1-2 of 2 Results