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  1. DX 1:43 (and smaller) Collectors
    Watching too much STG caused this purchase lol, bought it for 12€. No calipers and side windows but i’m quite satisfied in the end. One thing that I’m always confused about is the brand, is this a Hachette or Ixo or Altaya?
  2. DX 1:43 (and smaller)
    Hi. I am trying to collect all the le mans winners.
  3. 1:43 (and smaller) Brands
    Had this for 5 months now, still a joy to look at! 41 Usd doesn’t sound too bad for a Pagani in 1:43, CFs, paint, and details are done very nicely and the roof is also detachable although the exhausts are slightly crooked. Will definitely add the red Huayra Roadster soon just for the sake of...
  4. DX Banner Contests
    Well this has been a cliff hanger....thanks to all those who took part in the competition.... So this was the leader board when the chequered flag was waved........ . ....In third place was prolific Ted the Mechanic .... Ted, you actually got the most votes in total, but just spread too...
  5. DX 1:43 (and smaller)
    I stopped by Big Lots to check on their Hot Wheels stock and found this little 1:43 Presidential Limo for only $9. After my 20% rewards discount it came to under $8. All four doors open, the hood and trunk do not. The wheels move but do not turn and the interior is nicely finished for the price...
  6. Minichamps | Paul's Model Art
    One of the best 1:43 diecast models!! A minichamps Dealr edition 1:43 Rolls royce Phantom drophead coupe. blue/silver, real RR paint and wood!! does anyone knows how may of this were made?
  7. DX "New Arrivals and First Impressions"
    Although I haven't been around DX much lately, I have continued to pick up a model here and there. Last month I made my first foray into Schuco's 1:43 line First I pulled the trigger on this 987 Boxster facelift in Nordic Gold. And I must say, I really dig this model. Love the color. And the...
  8. 1:43 (and smaller) Brands
    Hello all, i am just starting out and i have decided to collect police cars at 1:43 scale. I would welcome any advice from more experienced collectors - any pointers or pitfalls - anything at all. Thank you all in advance.
1-8 of 9 Results