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  1. Ferrari
    i bought a 1:18 again? Yes, I ran out of space but I cleaned up some stuff to make space for the 488. Why did I buy this though? 26€, pretty much explains itself. I’ve heard lots of praise about this model and I was terrified about the plastic mirrors. But hey it looks convincing enough to be...
  2. Ferrari
    1/18 BBR Ferrari 488 Pista Spider - Charles Leclerc spec. Hey everyone, Here is the latest addition to my collection which I bought around 2 months ago; this stunning 488 Pista Spider by BBR. I've been wanting a 488 Pista in 1/18 scale by either BBR or MR for a while now, although I could never...
  3. DX 1:43 (and smaller)
    LookSmart Ferrari 488 GTB Spider 2015 FrankFurt Motorshow in Rosso Dino.
  4. 1:43 (and smaller) Brands
    Got the camera out on 12AM ish and I have to be honest I had a hard time trying to photograph a 1:64 diecast here so sorry if the photo isn’t clear enough
  5. 1:43 (and smaller) Brands
    No photoshoot for now just a single photo but would you guys fancy a photoshoot?
1-5 of 5 Results