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  1. Aston Martin
    Now that I have a bit more free time, I thought I'd start getting back into doing outdoor shoots! I have quite a backlog of models I haven't shot, so I'll start with this This is my first Tecnomodel and it seems they've done a much better job with their resin models than MR in terms of...
  2. DX Le Mans Cars
    Latest addition, Norev Aston Martin LMP1, #007 I bought this model to match a watch I got for Christmas this year. I was searching for a Gulf liveried race car, somehting unique. I was thinking some classic Porsche's but I perfer Martini Racing. So I have to find something that Martini did not...
  3. Welly | FX | GT Autos
    Hey Everyone, Here is my first review ever done on DiecastXChange, as well as the first I think of this model on here. Let me just say that for a budget model, this set is really great, and scale aside (bear in mind, its 1/24, not 1/18), its still very good value for the money. Welly is...
  4. Tecnomodel
    Hello, Would any member have 1:18 Aston Martin One 77? Just wondering about the quality because i am thinking of buying one. Thanks for any help!
1-4 of 4 Results