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  1. DX Custom Model Tuner Shop
    Hi to evеryone. I haven’t looked here for a long time, a lot of things have accumulated, I want to be the first to remember the old project. The source in the distant 2000 was made by a lеd pack, without external obvious changes. but over the years it stayed and I decided to add a little more...
  2. DX Model Repair and Restoration
    My brother's mistreated autoart gt350R spoiler has broken off of the trunk and I need advice o how to repair it/get a new part/go somewhere or send it somewhere to be repaired. All advice is appreciated.
  3. DX Classic | Vintage
    This to me is the most iconic Alfa from the 80's (especially the V6). These lines are so different from any other car. I wish Autoart would bring back their Alfas as they are truly stunning models. In this photo I tried to get the look of the 80's ads and posters. 1980 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 by...
  4. AUTOart | UT Models
    Hi. New to the forum and new to Autoart. I'm currently in the process of building a collection from scratch and noticed something unusual whilst researching older 1:18 Autoart diecast models. It seems that there were a number of occasions where Autoart announced a model and then either never...
  5. DX JGTC & Japanese circuit Cars
    I have a soft spot in my heart for these blue Calsonic-liveried cars... Skyline R34 JGTC 2003 Round 8 Suzuka by vegasracer, on Flickr Skyline R34 JGTC 2003 Round 8 Suzuka by vegasracer, on Flickr You can see more at my Flickr site.
1-7 of 7 Results