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  1. Maisto | Bburago
    http://www.maisto.co...pper&Itemid=139 There are a handful of new 1:12 bikes (hello MV!) and colors, as well as a few new 1:18 bikes and colors. Now here's to hoping that I not only am able to find some of these badboys in stores eventually, but that the big retailers (namely Wal-Mart) start...
  2. Maisto | Bburago
    i bought an aventador with plain disc brakes ... not drilled, no calipers ! then i heard that it will have drilled discs and calipers ! the one i bought is like this one so, did bburago change it?
  3. Maisto | Bburago
    I have the Norev baby blue Gallardo Spyder by Norev. Something about the stance or track of the rear wheels bugs me about it. In photos the Maisto/Bburago Gallardo Spyder looks better. The Norev has a detachable roof and body coloured A-pillars (windscreen frame) and the Maisto/Bburago version...
  4. Lamborghini
    When going over my collection I found out I never made any shots of this 1/18 Lamborghini Reventon made by Bburago : Perhaps not the best model around, and yes, the AutoArt version blows this one clear out of the water ... but I paid only 25 Euro for this one (I think, could be even 20...
1-4 of 4 Results