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  1. DX Bathurst & Australian circuit Cars
    Pretty much my only 'up-to-date' 1:18 driver theme is my Shane van Gisbergen theme. It helps that he's only been racing since 2008, mind you. I'm a fan of his, and a big one at that - mostly because of how he drives. Some drivers (most actually) in the V8 Supercars series shoot for as clean a...
  2. DX Bathurst & Australian circuit Cars
    I love this model. One of only two models I ever preordered and one of the most expensive. I waited months for it and was so happy to get it on my hands back in July. Great detail and well made.
  3. DX Bathurst & Australian circuit Cars
    Not a new model for me... just pulled it out of the box since it is not currently on display. I just love these 80's racing Holdens and Fords (I'm partial to Fords myself). Typically nice Classic Carlectables details, fit and finish. Holden VK Commodore - 1984 Bathurst Winner by vegasracer, on...
  4. DX Bathurst & Australian circuit Cars
    Spent up large when I went to Bathurst a few weeks ago - much to my wallet's annoyance. Along with picking up a couple off cars from my retailer, I purchased these three Holden VE V8 Supercars. Firstly, the one and only car I was actually planning to get - Greg Murphy's 2008 Sprint Gas...
1-4 of 5 Results