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  1. Body and Exterior Works
    I have decided to modify a gt3, non RS version by autoart, and installing parts from my GT3RS, both 996 bodies, but i first want to know if the shell is off from the same mold ? i mean fair enough if it's slightly wider and i'm pretty sure of that, but what i'm asking is would the chassis and...
  2. DX Motorcycles
    Hi All I've started posting my Bikes Collection in the "DX Member Spotlight" Forum. Long time admirer of the beautiful Car collections DX members have posted so I wanted to contribute with some Bikes ;) I wasn't sure which Forum would be best but decided on the Spotlight as it was more...
  3. DX 1:18 Collectors
    Hi All Great Forum! I've spent a lot of time reading and looking at the awesome collections ! I'm a big Rossi fan & collect Minichamps bikes so here are some of my bikes and Figurines :) ------------------ Foreground : 2001 Mugello Dirty & clean with the corner attacking figures Background...
1-3 of 3 Results