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  1. Porsche | RUF
    VIP Scale Model Porsche 993 RWB Ducktail Version in Doraemon & Takashi Murakami Tokyo Sunflower. No 011 / 399pc.
  2. DX 1:43 (and smaller)
    Make Up Eidolon Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny in Andromeda.
  3. 1/18 Smiff's Customs Classic diecast sneek peek

    His and Hers 1955 Caddilac Fleetwood. My 1965 Gatorade cool blue Chevrolet Corvette coupe custom by. Smiff's Custom1/18 LLC A gift I customized for my wife. 1970 Chevelle SS (custom) 24" chrome iRoc Rims. Won this 1968 SS Chevelle on eBay back in 2017. Im just finishing it 2021. I wanted to...
  4. DX Model Repair and Restoration
    Hello to everyone, I'd like to ask if do anyone know a way to remove scratches (not deep in my case) and paint bubbles (small ones) from a diecast. I'm searching for an easy and safe way as I'm not really experienced. Photo tutorials or generally tutorials are welcome! Certainly I got a...
  5. DX 1:43 (and smaller)
    I stopped by Big Lots to check on their Hot Wheels stock and found this little 1:43 Presidential Limo for only $9. After my 20% rewards discount it came to under $8. All four doors open, the hood and trunk do not. The wheels move but do not turn and the interior is nicely finished for the price...
  6. Miscellaneous 1/18 brands & non 1/18 scale models.
    this might not be the right place for this, but i decided i post it here anyway. just browsing thru scale18's site. was wondering if any of you guys have this model ? it looks really nice and well built... wouldn't mind some owner's perspective about this thing though. anyone...
  7. DX Motorcycles
    Score! I found a red Multistrada among the white ones and had to grab it. Like other current Maisto motorcycles before it, the Multistrada is worth every single penny you pay. Watch out Solido! Crisp details, excellent build quality and the paint finish is superb. How can these still be only $4?
  8. DX 1:18 Collectors
    Hi All. Thought I'd set up a thread with my photo catalogue from Flickr. Enjoy. To view the catalogue itself in flickr and gain access to the 1920x1280 versions, click here These were shot using this light box… In my busy little box of an office. It's off to the right in this shot...
1-9 of 10 Results