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  1. Jaguar
    Here are a few pictures of some Exoto D-Type models from my collection that I haven't seen on the forum yet. In my opinion, they are the best D-Type 1:18 models you can buy. Almost like the real thing!
  2. DX 1:18 Collectors
    Now it it the world of resin, this diecast detailed and beautifully built thing has become such a kind of old fashion icon.
  3. Exoto
    Exoto Racing Legends 1:18 scale, Cobra 260/289 Serial #: A0660 License plate: Snake-1 I can't find a model number marked on it anywhere.
  4. Exoto
    Growing up, the Jaguar XJR-9 was my favourite racing car. This beautiful silver cat, passionately known as Silk Cut with its iconic look during its haydays. Some years back I bought the Exoto version of it. It has all the beautiful styling, paintwork and decals, decent engine details, lovely...
  5. DX American Race & Road Circuits
    Purchased back in 2004... this is one of my favorite Exoto models in the vegasracer collection. The colors on this thing are fantastic. I think this is a great looking model... what do you think? Who else has one (or wants one)? Porsche 934 1976 #14 Pocono Trans-Am Al Holbert by vegasracer, on...
  6. DX Motorsports
    Pulled this one out of the box after about six years of storage... forgot how nice it was. Love those 935 turbos! I've got some more photos, and I'll add them to the post here as I process them. Thanks for looking! What do you think of this model? Porsche 935 1976 Dijon 6 Hours, Ickx/Mass...
1-6 of 6 Results