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  1. DX Classic | Vintage
    1/18 Hotwheels Elite - Ferrari 288 GTO Never thought of buying Hotwheels before, always associated Hotwheels with cheap model toys. But the "Elite" variants are pretty nice ! Not at Kyosho level obviously, because the mold is still a cheap hotwheels one (no pop up lights) but all the rest is...
  2. ModelGroup Car Ferrari 308 GTS 1/18 Customized

    Few weeks got ahold of 1 MCG Ferrari 308GTS in South-Africa. First ever diecast mod but I just thought the plain black interior just did not do the beautiful body justice, so I took the plunge and tried my best. Being a 80's kid, I tried to base it around one of the Magnum PI Ferrari's
  3. Ferrari
    1/18 Kyosho Ferrari - 308 GTS vs 308 GTB Two amazing Kyosho models, maybe my favorite Ferrari Kyosho 1/18
  4. DX 1:43 (and smaller)
    1/43 Ferrari f355 made by bang.
  5. Ferrari
    BBR Ferrari Monza SP2 in Tour de France Blue with Yellow Stripe. No 96 / 109pc.
  6. Ferrari
    BBR Ferrari Monza SP2 in Rosso Corsa with Silver Stripe. No 90 / 109pc.
  7. Ferrari
    I just want to show you some photo's of this Ferrarri F12 TdF by BBR. I must say, the more I look at the model, the better it gets. At first I had doubt to buy it because of the colour. But now I am happy that I did it. Let me know what you guys think of the car and the photo's!
  8. Ferrari
    such a beautiful model..... amazing design I LOVE IT!!! super good detail bought it with 200$ :3
  9. DX Classic | Vintage
    My first addition for 2022 and my 2nd CMC, presenting the CMC 1:18 Ferrari 156 F1 Sharknose from 1961. The details on the CMC are always top notch, this model has many intricate deatils, where you can remove the front cowl to see the details in the front, opening fuel lid. Precisely detailed...
  10. DX Classic | Vintage
    I thought I would get my favorite model out for a photo shoot. This car looks good under so many angles! This is an absolute gem of a model. The only fault I can find is the rivets in the tail lights. Proportions and stance seem accurate to me. I really liked the blue the best, but I can't...
  11. Ferrari
    BBR Ferrari Monza SP1 Paris Auto Show 2018 Silver. No 429 / 440pc.
  12. Ferrari
    BBR Ferrari F60 America 60th Anniversary 2014 in USA. No 108 / 250pc.
  13. Ferrari
    BBR LaFerrari in Carbon Fibre body. No 10 / 10pc.
  14. Ferrari
    Finally!!! 458 italia came in to my collection!!~ So beautiful T.T It must taste like strawberry or something :3
  15. Ferrari
    Davis & Giovanni Ferrari 458 Italia LBWorks GT Zero Fighter. No 21 / 25pc.
  16. Ferrari
    MR Ferrari SF90 Spider in Blu Elettrico. No 36 / 99pc.
  17. Ferrari
    BBR Deluxe Ferrari California T (Closed Roof Version) in Rosso Corsa Red 322 with gloss black roof (Exclusive on Tan Schedoni Leather Base to Raceline Models) No 6 / 10pc.
  18. Ferrari
    MR Ferrari 458 Spider (Exclusive No 20 / 25pc in Verde Pino with Gold Rims to ScuderiaModelli).
  19. Ferrari
    BBR Ferrari Roma in Rosso Portofino. No 19 / 24pc.
1-20 of 41 Results