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  1. Ferrari
    Finally!!! 458 italia came in to my collection!!~ So beautiful T.T It must taste like strawberry or something :3
  2. Ferrari
    Davis & Giovanni Ferrari 458 Italia LBWorks GT Zero Fighter. No 21 / 25pc.
  3. Ferrari
    MR Ferrari SF90 Spider in Blu Elettrico. No 36 / 99pc.
  4. Ferrari
    BBR Deluxe Ferrari California T (Closed Roof Version) in Rosso Corsa Red 322 with gloss black roof (Exclusive on Tan Schedoni Leather Base to Raceline Models) No 6 / 10pc.
  5. Ferrari
    MR Ferrari 458 Spider (Exclusive No 20 / 25pc in Verde Pino with Gold Rims to ScuderiaModelli).
  6. Ferrari
    BBR Ferrari Roma in Rosso Portofino. No 19 / 24pc.
  7. Ferrari
    Davis & Giovanni Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Novitec Rosso N-Largo in Rosso Corsa Carbon Fiber Bonnet. Black / Red Interior. No 01 / 01pc.
  8. Ferrari
    Davis & Giovanni Ferrari 488 GTB LB Performance in Grey. No 17 / 20pc.
  9. Ferrari
    Davis & Giovanni Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Novitec Rosso N-Largo in Rosso Corsa / Black Interior. No 06 / 10pc.
  10. Ferrari
    Davis & Giovanni Ferrari 812 Novitec N-Largo in Giallo Tristrato. No 10 / 10pc.
  11. Ferrari
    Auto Place Model Ferrari F50 GT 1996 in Nova Blue. No 02 / 05pc.
  12. DX Custom Model Tuner Shop
    Stand aside guys...NEWBIE MODDER coming through... Some of you may know that I've recently acquired an antique Revell GTO....(see here...) ... However as many of you will know, although it was a great model in its time, and still has a wonderful stance and presence on the shelf IMHO, for many...
  13. DX Banner Contests
    Well this has been a cliff hanger....thanks to all those who took part in the competition.... So this was the leader board when the chequered flag was waved........ . ....In third place was prolific Ted the Mechanic .... Ted, you actually got the most votes in total, but just spread too...
  14. Hot Wheels | Mattel
    Hello for one more time with another Ferrari by HotWheels Elite! They have just revealed some shots of their upcoming 458 Challenge. DecoMaster pre-production pictures as usual. Enjoy the pictures and feel free to express your opinion! Enjoy :
  15. Interior Works
    Hello guys! As I'll grab one Ferrari FF by HotWheels Elite soon, I'd like to know how to carpet the boot and floor of it (black carpeting). Tutorials and pics are welcome. If I remember right, Raidou has already carpeted his FF. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hot Wheels | Mattel
    Hello for one more time! My dealer brought the Ferrari FF by HotWheels Elite in all colors available and I can't decide which one to pick. Certainly, I'm between the RED ( W1105) and the BLUE (W1118). Also, notice that the BLUE one costs 15,5euros less than the red one. I like them both but I...
  17. Ferrari
    I love this new Ferrari. The shooting brake design and the incorperation of the four-wheel drive system makes this the most unique car built by Ferrari. From the available choices in color I went with the red. I love the red interior of the blue, but I do not want a blue Ferrari. I would love...
  18. DX Custom Model Tuner Shop
    Before I start, most of the work is sloppy, as I did it a few years ago, I recently purchased some more Tamiya model paint so I can finally start to remake the cars again with better detail. Also, I purchased all of these off of ebay, if anyone can inform me where else to get these little cars...
1-19 of 28 Results