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  1. DX Muscle Cars | Pony Cars | Hot Rods
    I have long been a fan of American muscle but for some reason since getting into diecast I have mainly collected racing sports cars and Le Mans models. After some advice and some perusal through some books of Muscle cars I dipped a toe in with a couple of purchases. The first I will reveiw later...
  2. AUTOart | UT Models
    Does anyone here have either of those two ? i've been thinking of adding one to my collection. I noticed on the Minichamps version, it doesn't have carpetting, though i could be wrong.. i dont mind not having carpetting on the model since i am able to upgrade it eventually, but other minor...
  3. DX Rally Cars
    Sun Star 3937 Ford Focus RS WRC 07 Swedish Rally 2008 J. M. Latvala/M. Anttila #441 of 1500 (1:18) I picked this up for the bargain price of $34.94 shipped and it's worth every penny - outstanding bang for the buck from Sun Star here. Sitting on a shelf it looks better than a recent Kyosho...
  4. DX Trucks | SUV | Haulers
    50th Anniversary 1948 Ford Pickup. Made by Yat Ming in 1/18 scale. Normally I wouldn't like the gold trim but it just looks so nice on the that maroon. I removed the 50th Anniv sticker from the doors. AzTom
  5. Exoto
    Hello, I have just joined this forum as just got the model car bug. The first items I got hold of were two Exoto cars, a Lotus 72 and a Ford GT40, both favorites of mine which I stumbled on for a relatively cheap price. Having done some research I found Exoto, GMP, CMC seemed to produce the...
1-5 of 5 Results