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  1. DX Hobby Talk
    Hello, All! A long-time friend of mine reached out to me recently to ask if I could find a 1:18 diecast model as her boss's retirement gift. The idea is to represent his deceased son's (fallen war hero) former car which was a red 1990 Ford Mustang GT. I advised her that would be a tough one...
  2. DX Classic | Vintage
  3. DX Classic | Vintage
    1/12 GMP - Shelby Cobra 289 Factory Team Cobra 1 of 500 1/12 GMP - Shelby Cobra 289 1 of 1000 Now just playing with both :giggle:
  4. DX Muscle Cars | Pony Cars | Hot Rods
    Here is my childhood favorite, a 93' foxbody mustang LX hatchback from GMP's 2nd release with the black interior as opposed to the gray interior. Bought this from my local hobby store for $135USD. A great looking model that'll only go up in value and it being 1 of 972 made. I was a bit...
  5. GMP
    Did anyone else hear that Mark Sanderson was fired from GMP/ACME? I heard it in passing so I figured only one way to get the answer is to ask you guys. I am so disconnected from the hobby these days that I thought Tom Long was still running the show down there. From the sounds of it, looks...
  6. DX 1:24 Collectors
    Hi all! I'll show you my collection of cars 1/24. I hope you like! Ford Mustang 1965 45th Anniversary Edition - Franklin Mint
  7. DX Le Mans Cars
    Here is some barrowed info on the model and the car it represents. The third car in GMPs series of LeMans winning Ford GT's in 1/12 scale is the Gulf GT40 chassis number 1075 driven to victory by Jacky Ickx and Jackie Oliver in 1969. It was the fourth consecutive overall victory for the Ford...
  8. DX Muscle Cars | Pony Cars | Hot Rods
    I have long been a fan of American muscle but for some reason since getting into diecast I have mainly collected racing sports cars and Le Mans models. After some advice and some perusal through some books of Muscle cars I dipped a toe in with a couple of purchases. The first I will reveiw later...
  9. DX Hobby Talk
    I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice on these models: Ebbro Porsche 908 in 1/24 scale I have been looking for a 908 but am not a big fan of 1/43, I don't know anything about 1/24 scale or this brand. Does anyone own this model as I can't find much on it. It looks quite good but I am...
  10. GMP | ACME
    I recently added these two cars from GMP to my collection. http://photobucket.com/GMP_ferrari I already have the Targa Florio 412PB and after reading a great book on the battle between Ferrai and the the Ford GT40 I wanted to get hold of a 330P. Not as indulgent as it sounds as both cars are...
  11. DX Model Comparisons
    I got these two models on impulse as they were very cheap and I have always loved the M8 and have been reading an excellent book on the Porsche 917 (Porsche 917 the Winning Formula by Peter Morgan). http://photobucket.com/chassis As you can see from the picture of the Exoto 917/30 in the album...
  12. DX American Race & Road Circuits
    Lola T70 Spyder #30 Bardahl Special driven by Dan Gurney. The year was 1966 and it was the first win for an American in a Can Am race and the only for a Ford powered race car. Quick review: EXCELLENT!!!
  13. GMP | ACME
    First of all I am not going to attempt to compete with the excellent previous review or the magnificent pictures by WS6_22. I just wanted to make a personal reveiw as this is the car that got me into collecting. When I was a kid someone gave me this car as a 1.43. I was about 5 so I cannot...
1-13 of 13 Results