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  1. Exoto
    One of my #2 bonnet hooks came off and cannot be found. Anyone has advice on how to fix that, or DIY? I'm not counting on Exoto to give me a reply with my past experiences. Any suggestion welcomed.
  2. DX Reference Room
    It's a shame you can't see the details of the cars they've sold - man they have some excellent cars Maxted Page I don't think I can choose a must have car, they have too many I like.
  3. DX Le Mans Cars
    Here is some barrowed info on the model and the car it represents. The third car in GMPs series of LeMans winning Ford GT's in 1/12 scale is the Gulf GT40 chassis number 1075 driven to victory by Jacky Ickx and Jackie Oliver in 1969. It was the fourth consecutive overall victory for the Ford...
  4. DX Hobby Talk
    I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice on these models: Ebbro Porsche 908 in 1/24 scale I have been looking for a 908 but am not a big fan of 1/43, I don't know anything about 1/24 scale or this brand. Does anyone own this model as I can't find much on it. It looks quite good but I am...
  5. Exoto
    Hello, I have just joined this forum as just got the model car bug. The first items I got hold of were two Exoto cars, a Lotus 72 and a Ford GT40, both favorites of mine which I stumbled on for a relatively cheap price. Having done some research I found Exoto, GMP, CMC seemed to produce the...
1-5 of 6 Results