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  1. DX Motorcycles
    LCD Models 1:12 Honda Goldwing. This model is very heavy and huge too. Mostly made of metal, has working suspensions, opening helmet box, side luggage compartments. fuel lid.
  2. DX Sedan | Coupe | Convertible
    I was pleasantly surprised when Norev decided to release this 2nd gen CRX! I always like this generation of Civic / CRX, and when I was in 5th grade I think, my dad got me a 1/24 Fujimi CRX kit for Christmas, which I loved. So the CRX as a model car reminded me of my late father. The first...
  3. Honda | Acura
    Another tiny wonder from my stable. Don't judge it just by the size. It's a pocket rocket. Fabulously done by AUTOart.
  4. DX Sedan | Coupe | Convertible
    Yet another gem from AUTOart's stable. Very old release though. But great on details. It's the black one I have so very difficult to click pictures. I apologize for the poor contrast.
  5. DX Photography Discussions & Tutorials
    Hello! new photos with my sony a6000 :3 one of my favorite car s2k :3 use paper or photo sheet or something else for background and some black boards for remove unwilled reflections :D take position and shoot with your camera with lightings (Turn off all lights except 1 light for...
  6. Honda | Acura
    Davis & Giovanni Acura NSX 1995 "Reality To Ideal" Collaboratin Joshua Vides x Unusual43 in his famous black & white sketches . No 50 / 50pc.
  7. DX Sedan | Coupe | Convertible
    Here is a quick review and photoshoot of the 10th generation Honda Accord in the Sport Hybrid trim. If you’re like me and cannot resist the temptation to add ‘daily drivers’ into the 1:18 collection, then this one is worth considering. Much like the other Chinese Dealer Promo editions, this one...
  8. DX Model Comparisons
    Huge NSX fan, so I am working on getting as many NSX models as I can. I have 4, but will do a photo comparison of the NEW Kyosho and Autoart. With a price difference of 2 to one, it should be pretty easy to figure who makes the better model. But as with many other Kyosho models, is this one...
  9. DX Custom Model Tuner Shop
    Finally got this one done. I created a 1:18 scale version of my 1:1 car by swapping the black interior out of a yellow AUTOart S2000 with the red interior of a black AUTOart S2000. AUTOart only had the black interior on the yellow car. I then swapped the wheels out with a set of UTL's Volk...
  10. Honda | Acura
    This is simply my favorite car, EVER. The NSX came out when I was about 5 years old. I fell in love with it form the start. My first love. When I became older and learned more about the car I loved that is was special and a one of a kind exotic sports car. I thought it was smart, but sexy. It...
1-10 of 11 Results