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  1. Ferrari
    I love this new Ferrari. The shooting brake design and the incorperation of the four-wheel drive system makes this the most unique car built by Ferrari. From the available choices in color I went with the red. I love the red interior of the blue, but I do not want a blue Ferrari. I would love...
  2. Ferrari
    So here it is the Ferrari FF .......... Fantastic!!! i couldnt wait for Euro release so straight from Hong Kong! I was thinking you fool why didnt you use this open hood shot and also closed , so i went to my studio and reshoot the hood & the interiour and used my magic stick and...
  3. Ferrari Challenge
    Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 599XX. My third 599 and my favorite. Much better detail than the other ones. Very cool car.
  4. Hot Wheels | Mattel
    Hi everyone, I am a new user to this forum though I have been collecting diecast models for some time now. Now I just recently purchased my first HWE model on ebay and have a question or two about it. It is a Ferrari 599 GTO, never been opened new in box and it was purchased for 53.00 US...
1-4 of 4 Results