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  1. Ferrari
    I’ve been wanting the 1:18 scale of the Ferrari SF90 and for a while I was waiting for the Bbrurago version to be widely available in the US so it’s not as expensive to buy. To my pleasant surprise, yesterday I found the Maisto version of the SF90 Spider at a local Sam’s Club while running...
  2. Mercedes-Benz
    I bought this with a Walmart gift card from Christmas a friend gave me. Is a great value with the red interior and the pop up spoiler.
  3. DX Sedan | Coupe | Convertible
    First post here and decided to share some images of my (to my knowledge) 1 of 1 1/18 Maisto W220 in a metallic dark brown finish with beige interior
  4. Ferrari
    Not a review, just some pics.... May I introduce two of my all time favourite models in my collection that have given me just as much pleasure as some models ten times their price... Behold, my Maisto Ferrari F50 Berlinetta in Modena yellow, and my Maisto Ferrari F50 Barchetta in good ole...
  5. Maisto | Bburago
    http://www.maisto.co...pper&Itemid=139 There are a handful of new 1:12 bikes (hello MV!) and colors, as well as a few new 1:18 bikes and colors. Now here's to hoping that I not only am able to find some of these badboys in stores eventually, but that the big retailers (namely Wal-Mart) start...
  6. Maisto | Bburago
    Hi guys -- The Diablo VT is my 3rd favorite of all time after the F40 and the Countach. Since I only buy higher end models for the latter two, I was thinking of getting a budget VT. I realize that BBurago, Maisto and Mira are the options available, and I am aware that the purists out there...
  7. DX Motorsports
    here are my BMW race cars.. just a few for now since i haven't got around editting the rest of them.
  8. Maisto | Bburago
    I have the Norev baby blue Gallardo Spyder by Norev. Something about the stance or track of the rear wheels bugs me about it. In photos the Maisto/Bburago Gallardo Spyder looks better. The Norev has a detachable roof and body coloured A-pillars (windscreen frame) and the Maisto/Bburago version...
  9. DX Custom Model Tuner Shop
    Had a thought last night, of putting the LMR V12 rims on my 750Li.. so i made a composite in photoshop.. not sure how i like it, or how it would fit though. also added a second version with 10 spoke wheels, but imo it resembles a bmw factory wheel.. or am i dreaming ? either way i would love the...
  10. DX Motorcycles
    Score! I found a red Multistrada among the white ones and had to grab it. Like other current Maisto motorcycles before it, the Multistrada is worth every single penny you pay. Watch out Solido! Crisp details, excellent build quality and the paint finish is superb. How can these still be only $4?
  11. DX Classic | Vintage
    Here's my 1:18 - 1955 Chevy Nomad from Maisto
  12. Maisto | Bburago
    A quick bit of advice wanted here, I have followed a link about the Maisto Audis which looked cool enough for me to get one. I saw they also did a version of the BMW V12 Le Mans car. I have found a Maisto and a Kyosho version for similar prices both with opening engine covers, from the pictures...
  13. DX Classic | Vintage
    This is my favorite Maisto. Great color and paint along with wonderful chrome. They best $16 I have ever spent. I did lower the car and it gave the car a different look. Check out the continental kit, very cool detail to add to a budget model. Hope you like it. And for...
  14. DX Motorcycles
    I have been looking for a Hypermotard for the past two years and my local Walmart finally got one in. It was in a newer looking package with two other bikes(a Yamaha R1 and a Yamaha YZ400F) which I thought was a strange combination although considering I also found a Yamaha R6, the R1 was a nice...
  15. General Motors | Chevrolet | Pontiac
  16. DX Motorcycles
    Hi All I've started posting my Bikes Collection in the "DX Member Spotlight" Forum. Long time admirer of the beautiful Car collections DX members have posted so I wanted to contribute with some Bikes ;) I wasn't sure which Forum would be best but decided on the Spotlight as it was more...
  17. DX 1:18 Collectors
    Hi All Great Forum! I've spent a lot of time reading and looking at the awesome collections ! I'm a big Rossi fan & collect Minichamps bikes so here are some of my bikes and Figurines :) ------------------ Foreground : 2001 Mugello Dirty & clean with the corner attacking figures Background...
1-17 of 18 Results