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  1. BMW
    The latest G80 M3 (and G82 M4) has been creating controversies with their design, especially the front grilles. At the beginning I was pretty ‘shocked’ by it, but as time goes by and after seeing the 1:1 in person, it’s actually quite acceptable and I don’t find it that strange anymore. The...
  2. DX Motorcycles
    Recently i have been adding motorcycle models, and recieved 3 of them. Of which one is the legendary model and an elusive Minichamps 1:12 Yamaha RD350. A brilliant model and has great presence. For most of the folks, this is a holy grail Motorcycle. The model is well made, as usual Minichamps...
  3. DX Motorcycles
    Tamiya 1:12 Ducati 916 Some pics of the Tamiya Ducati 916 which i built, along with the Minichamps Ducati 996
  4. BMW
    Admittedly I really like the F87 generation of the BMW M2. I had the white Minichamps M2 Competition (sealed) and I ended up selling that one to fund the purchase of the M2 CS version in Misano Blue. I was debating whether to get the black or blue, but the Misano Blue won it at the end and no...
  5. DX Motorcycles
    Another motorcycle in my collection. The Ducati 996 Street Version in 1:12 by Minichamps
  6. DX Classic | Vintage
    The evolution of a bug. Yes, THE BEETLE, of course. One of very few cars with longest lifeapan, amazing history and highest evolutionary upgrades. It has endured everything the world threw at it, witnessed every up and down around the world and it's own life. And yet survived to remain as one...
  7. DX Multi-Scale Collectors
    I am having a clearout, as i need to make space. Some i like more than others, but am willing to let them go for the right price. Wondered if anyone had any idea on the rarity or value of these? Most of my collection has been out of the box, placed in a cabinet, but has now all been placed back...
  8. DX Motorcycles
    Minichamps 1/12 Triumph Speed Twin (1938) and TR6
  9. Minichamps | Paul's Model Art
    Dear all, yesterday I received my 1/18th scale model of the BMW M1 driven to victory by Elio De Angelis at the Procar race at Zolder in 1979. When I tried to open the tailgate, I noticed some resistance, which apparently was the tailgate touching the side of the car's roof. As a result, there's...
  10. McLaren
    To me the best looking car of all time (Ok... maybe just after the Mercedes 300 SL :LOL: ) The model is great too, even if it substantially less qualitative than diecast Autoart, Kyosho... Still very nice at that 1/12 scale. 1/12 Minichamps - McLaren F1
  11. BMW
    Minichamps 1/18 BMW E9 3.0 CSL, Lemon Yellow. Dealer Edition. 80 43 0 137 980 Good old Minichamps. This CSL was made during one of the best periods for Minichamps, when they did not skimp on complex moulds, made solid models with good details, used various materials, had excellent packaging -...
  12. Porsche | RUF
    Minichamps Dealer Box Edition Porsche 911 (992) GT3 in Shark Blue. No 484 / 911pc.
  13. My Collection

    This is my collection of 1:18 and 1:43 models
  14. Porsche | RUF
    MiniChamps Porsche 911 (992) Turbo S Cabriolet in Metallic Blue. Limited 302pc.
  15. DX Trucks | SUV | Haulers
    I am always a big fan of the G-Wagen and when this 2nd generation of W463 came out, immediately snatched the Minichamps launch dealer edition in Emerald Green. But I ended up selling that one to fund the G63 version also by Minichamps. This is where I kinda of scratching my head when it comes...
  16. Porsche | RUF
    Minichamps Porsche 911 (992) Turbo S in Tiefschwarz Metallic (Deep Black Metallic).
  17. DX Model Comparisons
    Both dealer editions, here's the Autoart C-Class and the Minichamps E-Class T-Models.....just arrived! The models do what they say on the tin......as expected from these two manufacturers they both have all the usual opening bits......five doors, .including opening tail gates..... On the...
  18. DX DRM | STW | ETCC | ELMS | DTM Cars
    The CSL was some time here today, now time to shoot pictures. BMW 3.5 CSL Group 5 went on the 1976 1000km race at the Nurburgring Piloted by Albrecht Krebs and Dieter Quester The car was built by Team Schnitzer and support. Krebs and Quester won the race in 1976, with a journey time of...
  19. Bentley
    Nice model by Minichamps
  20. DX Motorcycles
    Not a big Ducati fan, but I am a big Rossi fan and still try to collect every bike that comes out. Hope his 2012 season is an improvement over the past few years. Ducati Desmosedici GP11 - Valencia Test 2010 - Valentino Rossi by vegasracer, on Flickr
1-20 of 46 Results