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  1. Porsche | RUF
    Minichamps Porsche 911 (992) Turbo S in Tiefschwarz Metallic (Deep Black Metallic).
  2. DX Model Comparisons
    Both dealer editions, here's the Autoart C-Class and the Minichamps E-Class T-Models.....just arrived! The models do what they say on the tin......as expected from these two manufacturers they both have all the usual opening bits......five doors, .including opening tail gates..... On the...
  3. DX DRM | STW | ETCC | ELMS | DTM Cars
    The CSL was some time here today, now time to shoot pictures. BMW 3.5 CSL Group 5 went on the 1976 1000km race at the Nurburgring Piloted by Albrecht Krebs and Dieter Quester The car was built by Team Schnitzer and support. Krebs and Quester won the race in 1976, with a journey time of...
  4. Bentley
    Nice model by Minichamps
  5. DX Motorcycles
    Not a big Ducati fan, but I am a big Rossi fan and still try to collect every bike that comes out. Hope his 2012 season is an improvement over the past few years. Ducati Desmosedici GP11 - Valencia Test 2010 - Valentino Rossi by vegasracer, on Flickr
  6. Porsche | RUF
    This is the regular (non-dealer) edition. Nice model, except there is a major body panel color mismatch (which I had to remedy in post-processing) which fortunately isn't too noticeable under normal display conditions. More pics to come over time... Porsche 918 Spyder - 2010 by vegasracer, on...
  7. DX Trucks | SUV | Haulers
    I finally decided to take some pictures of my biggest model in my collection. So enjoy the pics! trailer pin closed trailer pin opened closed opened accessories: wheel wedge, spare wheel, toolbox I think this Lego truck is about 1:18 scale, as the Actros...
  8. DX Le Mans Cars
    I have this one for a while ... but just after i saw jeff's shots of it , i pulled it out of the box and did a re-run! enjoy Porsche 956L Andretti Le Mans 1983 more 2 come!
  9. DX Nurburgring cars
    Here is an older model that I acquired in 2003. Even though the decals are visible (and not as nice as tampos) this is a very good model and worthy of ownership. I love these 80's Sierras and I have several more in the collection, both by Minichamps and AUTOart. Ford Sierra RS 500 - ADAC 24H...
  10. AUTOart | UT Models
    Does anyone here have either of those two ? i've been thinking of adding one to my collection. I noticed on the Minichamps version, it doesn't have carpetting, though i could be wrong.. i dont mind not having carpetting on the model since i am able to upgrade it eventually, but other minor...
  11. DX Motorcycles
    Suzuki RGV/Gamma - Kenny Roberts - 500cc GP 2001 by vegasracer, on Flickr Suzuki RGV/Gamma - Kenny Roberts - 500cc GP 2001 by vegasracer, on Flickr Suzuki RGV/Gamma - Kenny Roberts - 500cc GP 2001 by vegasracer, on Flickr Suzuki RGV/Gamma - Kenny Roberts - 500cc GP 2001 by vegasracer, on...
  12. Archived model news.
    I have seen some similar older topics but if I'm not wrong this particular is missing. I don't know where everybody gets their info but I think it would be interesting to share our knowledge and prepare our selfs for near future releases from our favourite brands. So here are some interesting...
  13. DX Motorsports
    Just got an Autoart Porsche 917K to join my long tail. The Kyalami and Hippie Le Mans pair along with the infamous Pink Pig certainly make an eye searing group! http://photobucket.com/Porschemix As mentioned by others the older short tail is a lot less detailed than the long tail but if you...
  14. DX Model Comparisons
    These are my most recent buys. Always been a huge fan of the mighty Porsche Le Mans cars and wanted a couple of distinctive 1/18 models to get the ball rolling as I already have an Exoto 917/30 Can Am car. It took me a while to find a couple of cars at a decent price, I am a big fan of detail...
  15. Minichamps | Paul's Model Art
    One of the best 1:43 diecast models!! A minichamps Dealr edition 1:43 Rolls royce Phantom drophead coupe. blue/silver, real RR paint and wood!! does anyone knows how may of this were made?
  16. DX Model Comparisons
    I got these two models on impulse as they were very cheap and I have always loved the M8 and have been reading an excellent book on the Porsche 917 (Porsche 917 the Winning Formula by Peter Morgan). http://photobucket.com/chassis As you can see from the picture of the Exoto 917/30 in the album...
  17. DX 1:43 (and smaller)
    Ford Focus RS WRC from the Year 2002 Armin Kremer & Klaus Wicha started her first race with the Focus on the Rally Monte Carlo Some months before, were the two cars from the factory driver Carlos Sainz and Colin McRae for the test drive.. Also at the Monte they were partially supported...
  18. DX DRM | STW | ETCC | ELMS | DTM Cars
    I like the older DTM racers, especially this one. I really like the colors of this one. Very cool livery. Good model, right on par with most minichamps. Looks great and pops next to my other late 80s early 90s racers. I know I put 36, but I have fat fingers, leave me alone. How do I change it?
  19. DX Trucks | SUV | Haulers
    Made by Minichamps Type : W166 Part Number : B6 696 0064
1-20 of 31 Results