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  1. DX Welcome and/or "Exit Stage Left"
    Hello everyone, My name is William. I'm a collector of 1/18 and 1/43 scale models from Geneva Switzerland. I've been collecting models for only around 4 years now, during that time I have amassed over 60 models (not sure on the exact number since I stopped counting a while ago) I started off...
  2. DX 1:18 Collectors
    Hello I'm Juan Pablo out of Miami, Florida. I've been collecting 1:18 models since I was young, and I had never heard of diecastxchange, but I am very excited to be part of this community. I will share my collection some time this week.
  3. DX Welcome and/or "Exit Stage Left"
    Hey If it's not obvious, my name is Johnnie and I'm from Toronto. I've been collecting for 25 years and like most started with Buragos and Maistos. Started spending more when I got the Villeneuve 97 world champ car. Then, I splurged when I paid $99 for an exoto Daytona Coupe! Oh, those were the...
1-3 of 3 Results