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  1. DX Photography Discussions & Tutorials
    Hello! new photos with my sony a6000 :3 one of my favorite car s2k :3 use paper or photo sheet or something else for background and some black boards for remove unwilled reflections :D take position and shoot with your camera with lightings (Turn off all lights except 1 light for...
  2. DX Photography Discussions & Tutorials
    In this post i wanted to share with you a photo project of mine. The name of the title says it all! My two Spark Weissach Porsches (GT2RS & GT3RS) in a scaled printed underground garage! All images are one shot photos at f22 with multiple light sources. Hope you enjoy the result!
  3. Ferrari
    Finally!!! 458 italia came in to my collection!!~ So beautiful T.T It must taste like strawberry or something :3
  4. Porsche | RUF
    Hi guys! I took some shots of GTSPIRIT RWB resin model car enjoy :)
  5. DX Welcome and/or "Exit Stage Left"
    Hi! im nick7051 from south korea. I like taking photo's of model cars with my camera :) Nice to meet you all! :) here some of my model car photos :3 1/18 autoart nsx nc1 black my favorite car :) 1/18 gtspirit rwb supernine with some brick look wall 1/18 dna collectibles R8 LMX 1/12...
1-5 of 6 Results