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  1. Porsche | RUF
    VIP Scale Model Porsche 993 RWB Takashi Murakami Tokyo Sunflower. No 001 / 499pc.
  2. Porsche | RUF
    Minichamps Porsche 911 (992) Turbo S in Tiefschwarz Metallic (Deep Black Metallic).
  3. Porsche | RUF
    Hello, My last model, it's a real beauty in white & it's a rare to find! :) I hope you like it, Adrien
  4. DX Motorsports
  5. DX F1 Cars
    Well last week I took three classic Porsche racecars and took some photos. There are the last of the three. It is also the one I have had the longest. It has taken me almost 2 years to finally take pictures. I think the Martini liveries are the best looking. I have have a few but this is one of...
  6. DX Reference Room
    It's a shame you can't see the details of the cars they've sold - man they have some excellent cars Maxted Page I don't think I can choose a must have car, they have too many I like.
  7. DX Le Mans Cars
    I just got these two models through the post. I bought them from forum members Markus and Ws6_22. I thought I would try and buy from proper enthusiasts who treat their models well and sure enough both are in great condition and with original boxes for a very reasonable price. I think we have to...
  8. DX Motorsports
    Just got an Autoart Porsche 917K to join my long tail. The Kyalami and Hippie Le Mans pair along with the infamous Pink Pig certainly make an eye searing group! http://photobucket.com/Porschemix As mentioned by others the older short tail is a lot less detailed than the long tail but if you...
  9. DX Polls
    80's, 90's and 00's supercarsWhich 80's supercar do you prefer?Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV2229.73%Ferrari F404662.16%Porsche 959 TT68.11%Which 90's supercar do you prefer?Lamborghini Diablo SV1216.22%Ferrari F5079.46%Porsche 911 GT2 TT56.76%Honda NSX810.81%Mclaren F14256.76%Which 00's...
  10. DX Model Comparisons
    These are my most recent buys. Always been a huge fan of the mighty Porsche Le Mans cars and wanted a couple of distinctive 1/18 models to get the ball rolling as I already have an Exoto 917/30 Can Am car. It took me a while to find a couple of cars at a decent price, I am a big fan of detail...
  11. DX Hobby Talk
    I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice on these models: Ebbro Porsche 908 in 1/24 scale I have been looking for a 908 but am not a big fan of 1/43, I don't know anything about 1/24 scale or this brand. Does anyone own this model as I can't find much on it. It looks quite good but I am...
  12. Exoto
    I bought a terrific Porsche 917/30 recently for a bargain price. It was unboxed but after a thorough check over seems perfect and was very well packaged. However I found these mysterious small plastic parts in the box, see picture. Does anyone have an idea where they come from on the model or...
  13. DX Table Talk
    I have picked up some really good autosport books recently which i thought I would share. Can-Am Cars in Detail by Peter Lyons A giant book of amazing pictures of some of the most dramatic racing cars of all time. Covers a wide range of cars from the disastrously un-competitive like the...
  14. DX Model Comparisons
    I got these two models on impulse as they were very cheap and I have always loved the M8 and have been reading an excellent book on the Porsche 917 (Porsche 917 the Winning Formula by Peter Morgan). http://photobucket.com/chassis As you can see from the picture of the Exoto 917/30 in the album...
  15. DX "New Arrivals and First Impressions"
    Although I haven't been around DX much lately, I have continued to pick up a model here and there. Last month I made my first foray into Schuco's 1:43 line First I pulled the trigger on this 987 Boxster facelift in Nordic Gold. And I must say, I really dig this model. Love the color. And the...
  16. DX Motorsports
    Hey everybody! For my first real post I want to share my favorite die-cast. The 2007 flying lizard porsche gt3 rsr from Autoart. Iam still getting used to taking pictures of miniatures so give me a break.
  17. Body and Exterior Works
    I have decided to modify a gt3, non RS version by autoart, and installing parts from my GT3RS, both 996 bodies, but i first want to know if the shell is off from the same mold ? i mean fair enough if it's slightly wider and i'm pretty sure of that, but what i'm asking is would the chassis and...
  18. Porsche | RUF
    Probably the least know color combination of the MK.I Porsche 997 GT3 RS; For some reason, it has been my favorite of them all...
1-18 of 18 Results