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  1. Toyota | Lexus
    The 1:18 Supra MK4 by Solido intrigued me enough for me to pull the trigger when I saw a good deal on it. So let’s get a few bad things sorted out…. First, the paint quality on the horizontal surface like the hood and roof were absolutely horrendous! There were stroke marks everywhere, and I...
  2. Ferrari
    BBR Ferrari Monza SP2 in Rosso Corsa with Silver Stripe. No 90 / 109pc.
  3. Ferrari
    BBR Deluxe Ferrari California T (Closed Roof Version) in Rosso Corsa Red 322 with gloss black roof (Exclusive on Tan Schedoni Leather Base to Raceline Models) No 6 / 10pc.
  4. Ferrari
    BBR Ferrari Roma in Rosso Portofino. No 19 / 24pc.
  5. DX 1:43 (and smaller)
    Make Up Eidolon Lamborghini Aventador S in Candy Red.
  6. Pagani
    BBR Pagani Huayra Japan Edition 2013 in Met. Red / Carbon Roof. No 30 / 50 pc.
  7. Hot Wheels | Mattel
    Hello for one more time! My dealer brought the Ferrari FF by HotWheels Elite in all colors available and I can't decide which one to pick. Certainly, I'm between the RED ( W1105) and the BLUE (W1118). Also, notice that the BLUE one costs 15,5euros less than the red one. I like them both but I...
1-7 of 7 Results