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  1. Disassembling
    Hi all, I recently purchased an Autoart Delorean and when it arrived, I thought one of the headlights was ever so slightly forward compared to the other headlight. I put a little pressure on it to see if I could rectify it and the light punched all the way through. I reached out to Autoart and...
  2. Exoto
    One of my #2 bonnet hooks came off and cannot be found. Anyone has advice on how to fix that, or DIY? I'm not counting on Exoto to give me a reply with my past experiences. Any suggestion welcomed.
  3. DX Model Repair and Restoration
    My brother's mistreated autoart gt350R spoiler has broken off of the trunk and I need advice o how to repair it/get a new part/go somewhere or send it somewhere to be repaired. All advice is appreciated.
  4. DX Model Repair and Restoration
    My uncle gifted my 2 year old this and predictably he dropped it and the door has popped away from the hinge and now it won't close. Can this be repaired? I know practically nothing about diecast models but my son is obsessed with cars and he keeps saying 'broke, broke' so any help is appreciated.
  5. DX Model Repair and Restoration
    Hello to everyone, I'd like to ask if do anyone know a way to remove scratches (not deep in my case) and paint bubbles (small ones) from a diecast. I'm searching for an easy and safe way as I'm not really experienced. Photo tutorials or generally tutorials are welcome! Certainly I got a...
1-5 of 5 Results