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  1. Maserati
    BBR Maserati MC20 in Bianco Audace. No 59 / 300pc.
  2. DX Hobby Talk
    After being out of the hobby for some time, I only recently found out about resin models. Having never seen one in person, I'm curious as to what others think of them in relation to diecasts. I know there were some discussions in the past, but I'm curious if opinions have changed. Can we expect...
  3. Porsche | RUF
    Hi guys! I took some shots of GTSPIRIT RWB resin model car enjoy :)
  4. Pagani
    Pagani Huayra BC in Matt White / Carbonium.
  5. DX 1:43 (and smaller)
    Make Up Eidolon Mazda RX-7 Rocket Bunny in Andromeda.
  6. DX Custom Model Tuner Shop
    This model has been finished for a while but I've put off taking photos until now. You may remember this car from before, and that's because it used to only have 22" Maybach wheels and AMG exhaust. Now, it has a full resin Brabus transkit that consists of the front and rear bumpers, fog lights...
  7. Body and Exterior Works
    I was wondering if there are any regular customizers on here would would be willing to provide their services to create copies of some RS4 seats for me. I am going to be receiving a donor model that has one set, but would like to make a few more pairs from them. Can anyone help?
  8. Ottomobile
    Did anyone see this? November pre-order, January availability :-) http://www.otto-models.com/index.php/en/ottomobile-our-models?view=detail&id=127 Now with the S2, RS4 Avant (B5) and this S3 (8L), an RS2 in blue would be nice!
  9. DX 1:18 Collectors
    Hi All. Thought I'd set up a thread with my photo catalogue from Flickr. Enjoy. To view the catalogue itself in flickr and gain access to the 1920x1280 versions, click here These were shot using this light box… In my busy little box of an office. It's off to the right in this shot...
1-9 of 9 Results