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  1. DX Photography Discussions & Tutorials
    Hi everyone! Im nick7051 from south korea I want to show you how I edited my photo with gimp. and result too hope you enjoy! edit bumper headlights window reflection light correction dust cleaning headlight's glue mark removed front wheel edit finished...
  2. DX Photography Discussions & Tutorials
    Hello! new photos with my sony a6000 :3 one of my favorite car s2k :3 use paper or photo sheet or something else for background and some black boards for remove unwilled reflections :D take position and shoot with your camera with lightings (Turn off all lights except 1 light for...
  3. DX Custom Model Tuner Shop
    Finally got this one done. I created a 1:18 scale version of my 1:1 car by swapping the black interior out of a yellow AUTOart S2000 with the red interior of a black AUTOart S2000. AUTOart only had the black interior on the yellow car. I then swapped the wheels out with a set of UTL's Volk...
1-3 of 3 Results