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  1. DX Trucks | SUV | Haulers
    This is my first post; and it involves a unique & obscure sector to the 1:18 diecast world; People Movers May I introduce to you: the 2022 Toyota Sienna. This is a dealership edition bought from aliexpress. This example comes to us in pearl white sienna01 by J. Vuen, on Flickr sienna02 by J...
  2. DX Trucks | SUV | Haulers
    First of all, I have to admit that this purchase is heavily influenced by Dave’s “DND-Land” review of the Alphard here: 1/18 New Toyota Alphard...by KengFai (Thanks Dave!!!) But instead of Black, I chose the white version. After the whole fiasco with USPS losing the package, it magically just...
1-2 of 2 Results