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A really nice looking model there! I like the others too :cool::cool::cool:
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Love the chiron, I am thinking of getting it in 1:18 but as u mentioned all new autoart models are made in "composite" so I rather put most of my money on the old real diecast series.

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Beautiful model(s). I don't understand the whole weight/plastic issue but I guess each one has its own taste.
Yes, just personnal taste ;)
I tend to associate quality/solidity/longevity with metal, rather than with plastic.
I also think metal is a better investment long term.

Looks awesome. How's the quality of it?
Honestly exterior is great (apart from front-hood panel gaps that were bugging me so much).
Interior could be better, weird color and lower quality to me (naked plastic seats :cry:)

Also, I didn't really like the flat paint, compared to the metallic paint of Autoart Veyron for exemple.
And of course, it's all plastic, so it weighs nothing, it's like the outside of an RC car.

I didn't keep this model, but it was a pleasure shooting it.

Size always matters and your 1/12 collection is to die for. The pictures of the Veyron and Chiron together are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks ! Since I share my pics, I have a lot of more fun playing and shooting these modelcars.
Thanks for appreciating it ;)
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