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I'm debating this in my mind
(mainly because i want to buy one or the other)

In the realm of 1:12 scale... Keeping the debate simple...

The Tamiya Enzo Ferrari has fantastic detail!!
BUT the Grand old man Enzo DIDN'T (to my knowledge) get his FULL influence
into the building of the car... Enzo was know for "poking his nose into every car built in the scuderia... he made his engineers work the car to perfection (in his view)
so not really a Ferrari car overseen by Enzo himself.
BUT a brilliant model! but a model of Ferrari dedicated to the Man... no really built by him

The Kyosho Ferrari F40 has also great detail BUT not enough EYE POPPING EYE CANDY as the Enzo
BUT BUT this is the last definitive SUPER CAR Overseen and influenced by ENZO HIMSELF.
All the years of Enzo Ferrari's vision of a super car is defined in this car

(note... this is my limited general knowledge... feel free to comment)

I must conceed that the technology of both cars are generations appart BUT..

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if you're going to buy the enzo 1/12.. make sure it's an kyosho.. not tamiya.. I was pissed off when first got mine to find out that the whole car is made out of plastic... Luckily I manage to sell mine.. & now got an awsome Kyosho version, much more better with metal body...

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In my opinion, the Tamiya Enzo >>> Kyosho Enzo.

Plastic body panels be damned, but other than that, detail on the tamiya is way better than that of the Kyosho and the panels are a bit thick in some places. Also, both copies of the Kyosho my hobby shop had looked like curb-jumping off roaders; the ground clearance was definately not to scale (similar to HotWheels' 1:12 C6).

Similarly, Kyosho's red F40 also had a front end ground clearance a bit higher than scale, so it looks funny as well. The yellow F40 had this fixed and looks much more closely to scale.

I had the red Tamiya Enzo, which was the first production run for the car. The second run in black fixed all the problems the first run had.

For the Enzos, if you want black, get the Tamiya. If you want red, get the Kyosho. As for the F40, either red or yellow Kyosho will do, they're both nice.

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This is a pretty interesting topic - I wonder which will hold up better over time - metal or plastic.
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