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1:16 vs 1:18 - help needed

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Here's a dumb question from a new member:

Tonka-Polistil make some of their models in 1:16 scale instead of 1:18. Is there a big difference between the two, or is the difference really negligiable?

If I added a 1:16 to a 1:18 collection, would I notice the difference?

I could use some advice from veteran collectors. I bid on ebay for what was listed as a 1:18 Tonka-Polistil Ferrari 288 GTO, but it turns out the item is actually 1:16 scale.

(For anyone who noticed, sorry for the mistaken post before under the heading "exotic ferraris"...that was supposed to be a reply to another post, not its own topic.)
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:iagree especially with the comparison between UT and Bburago's Z3 models. Bburago's Z3 is far too big.
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