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One of the first few 1/18 first ever CDM models that I purchased in my life was a Bestune B70. Back in 2006 it was then a based Mazda's very successful 6 platform. It wasn't a bad looking contemporary design, but not a standout either. At that time, the then first generation as well as second gen (Also Mazda 6 based platform) B70s were strictly sedans. The two previous generation B70s ran from 2006-2014 for the first gen and 2014-2019 for the second generation B70.
In 2020, the third and current generation debuted in China at the Beijing Motor Show. You could clearly see that it had western design influences. The hot thing in China for the past few years is to hire Western Automotive Designers as either and design heads or designers until the company gets a theme sorted for them to have a more international design language. This is beneficial while helping develop a culture of Design where Chinese Designers (Who have developed in Western Design Schools or even Companies like a good friend/Co-Worker of mine from Mercedes-Benz has done as a leader of a Chinese Automotive Group) can then take that knowledge and help create an atmosphere of a professional corporate Automotive design Studio. At that point the new leaders can run to whichever direction they are now savvy of future trend wise.

This new B70 sits on a new FAW corporately developed platform. It's modern, technologically advanced and attractively fresh looking. Kinda' like Audi RS7 meet Cadillac in a good way. It certainly has its own character. This time the third gen B70 has moved to fastback body configuration.
The crimson red paint on my model is absolutely beautifully applied as are the intricately detailed dual colored multi-spoked wheels. The model features full 360 degrees opening accessibility with full carpeted interior as well as rear parcel cover. Stepping inside, and the details are jaw dropping! First of all, it has all of the standard bells and whistles, such as sliding front seats/P.E. metal buckles/fabric seatbelts, soft touch seat material. The I/P/dashboard and door panels on this model are spot on and very highly detailed, nothing missed, not even the A.I. interactive blue crystal which is perched up-top the center dash for driver and front seat passenger to interact with! The interior's biggest treat lies in the rear hatch. When you lift the hatch, there is a parcel shelf to hide all valuables, which is also coated in fabric like the 1/1 and once you lift that, below is a second carpeted load floor cover, which can be lifted to show a very realistically detail under floor storage organizer! The engine and chassis details are on the highest of standards with the chassis being full metal with working independent suspensions at each wheel. Lighting details are highly accurate (although the rear lights need more contrast between reflectors and its surrounds). Both upper and lower front grilles are perforated. The model had intricate P.E. Metal badging on the rear. It's absolutely amazing, the amount of detail which this maker has thrown into this model. Epic, really! I just clearly wished that I knew who the maker was, because the American model companies need to team up with them and start doing some modern domestic cars/trucks & SUVs (Instead of re-using ancient castings)!

This model is well worth collecting, especially here in Europe as more and more CDM based cars are starting to be sold here. Furthermore, you won't be disappointed. . I can barely even find this model online anymore(Sorry that it too me nearly a year to finally make this posting).

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Opened Up/Details....
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Cheers! 馃

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Another great looking model you have there! I had never heard of that make of car before.
Thanks Steven! 馃槉This is the third generation of the B70 and it really is a looker this time around. The model is faithful to it in almost every detail. You will be pleased if you do decide to add one to your own collection. Cheers! 馃

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I'm not too familiar with the 1:1, so thanks for doing the write up.
There is a very strong Cadillac 'influence' here, but as a whole the car stands up to its own right, design wise.

As a 1:18, these Chinese-made diecast never fail to impress. Very nicely made and rivals the best from AutoArt or Kyosho!
Hey Stefanus! This car would certainly find a comfortable spot in your collection. I am seriously impressed!
It's certainly up to date in design and style. Hopefully it's structurally safe, so that it can be sold here in Europe I'm curious will Americans ever feel comfortable enough to buy CDM branded vehicles?:unsure:
I will tell you this, this one wasn't that expensive when I bought it and it holds up very well with the Caddy CT4!! Maybe even better!馃槈
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