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At first, and I mean before even the Batman Begins was release, I did some research to see what the new Batmobile would look like...

When I saw the pictures on the net of that....thing, I said to myself :scared "What the h*ll did they do to the Batmobile, they can't do that, they just destroyed a legacy by creating such an horror!!!!" ....until I saw the movie!!! :tongue.

I think that Batman movie is the best one of all the serie. Very "realistic" and the reason of all his gadgets are plausible. The military armor suit, the wings of his costume, every bat gadget was top secret military concepts products...even the Tumbler.....it has it's reasons to exist in the movie and once you see it work, you can't do anything else but wanting one!!!! Even the girl (who doesn't like car BTW) with who I went to see it at Imax was crazy about it! She asked me where she could buy one! :giggle

I'm just crazy about that new Batmobile......
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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