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Just picked up the new SF90 from Bburago, good overall shape, but very basic and in need of some upgrades.

I was going to wait for the Asseto Coras signature version, but not sure on the stripe on that version so got to work on this one for now.

First the callipers where painted yellow and detailed up, wheels re-sprayed satin black with new photo-etched Ferrari centre caps & silver wheel nuts.
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Hood

Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting

Did a complete strip down, all the cheap black plastic interior sprayed Matt black, including dash, seats, steering wheel and door cards.

Carpet added to the floor, yellow material belts and photo-etched buckles.

Paint details added to seat switches, seat belt holders, manitino switch & pedals.
Vehicle Car Automotive design Steering part Steering wheel

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Car

Engine block painted aluminium, more detail added plus added the orange electric cable.

Photo-etched ‘Ferrari’ and prancing horse emblems added.
Automotive lighting Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Car

Automotive design Auto part Electric blue Carmine Tints and shades

Painted on the red rear bumper lights which where missing, Exhaust and all exterior plastic mesh sprayed Matt black.
Vehicle Automotive lighting Tire Car Automotive design

I was surprised Bburago had in fact melded the ‘RAC-E’ system under the frunk but it was all black, so I detailed It up as the hybrid is a big part of this car’s performance.

The frunk was also carpeted up.
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

The model was also lowered all round.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Car Automotive design

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

A quick picture with it’s big brother in a similar spec.

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Land vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Tire Sky Car Vehicle

484 Posts
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Great work on this. Happy that we've got a competent base but your additions really step it up. I'm wanting a solid color SF90 so I'm planning on painting a Signature. Hoping to see that and the Spider release soon
It’s a decent base to work with, the roof is actually a separate piece on this which surprised me, so it would be easy to off to re-paint.

Nice job -- you're very talented!
Thank you, not as good as some of the incredible people on here but I like to do a bit.

I would also recommend painting the dog legs matte black. This helps them hide, as they're quite massive
Yeah your right, didn’t notice them as much in person but they look huge on the pictures.
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