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A few weeks ago I purchased this Chrono Aston Martin DB5 with a view to making a much more detailed model from it. My intention was to add as much extra detail as possible including opening up the sealed boot and adding the boot interior. However after my difficulties in making a working hinge on the opened up boot on my Yatming DB4 Zagato, I shied away from that idea. The model was received intact apart from broken/missing wing mirrors. The front wheel nut in this image had been removed in effort to determine how the wheels were fixed on.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

However, whilst trying to reinsert the slightly misaligned windscreen I went and broke it!😡😡😡
Now while this model has some good features (wheels, dashboard, steering wheel, seats) the engine and underside detail are very poor and I was finding the blue tinted windows more irritating than I thought they would be when I bought it. With all these negatives in my mind I started to loose interest in this DB5 project and was going to write it off. About this time I spotted another low priced fully opening DB5 on the Fleabay made by Ertl under the brand name 'Joyride'. It has much better underside detail than the Chrono and a very detailed engine, so I decided to take a different route to a DB5. This is how it came. (Ebay image)
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Pretty much the same condition as the Chrono being intact apart from broken/missing wing mirrors. My intention now is to upgrade this model with scratch/proprietary parts as appropriate, along with the wheels/tyres, steering wheel, door handles, side lights and boot handle/number plate lights from the Chrono model. This is the underside of the Chrono model with the wheels removed.
Trigger Gun accessory Gas Machine Gun barrel

And the Ertl. The extra suspension and engine detail are obvious. The exhaust was off when I took this image, but believe me, it's much better as well.
Camera Camera lens Cameras & optics Reflex camera Camera accessory

This shows a Chrono wheels next to the Ertl. It has much finer spokes and knock off nuts. I think the Ertl tyres are better but unfortunately they don't fit on the Chrono wheels which are wider.
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

This was taken after I'd modified the Chrono wheels by adding the rear hub fitting from the Ertl wheels so that they would fit the Ertl uprights. The difference is significant and as well as the wheels being poor, it rides too high as well.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

I haven't taken any images of the modified front wheels, but I'll take some later when it's in bits again. This is what I did at the rear. Rather than modify the Chrono wheels so they could be screw fitted (as at the front), I decided to modify the rear axle to take the metal rod from the Chrono set up with push fit wheels. I had to drill out the axle/differential moulding for the metal rod to pass through, with the hubs/ discs glued to the outer ends. To lower the ride height I took 2mm off the screw columns to make the axle sit closer to the floorpan.

Automotive tire Wheel Motor vehicle Wood Tire

Here's how I lowered the front ride height. First I made some replicas of the top mounts from plasticard and drilled and screwed them in position with self tappers. Then I drilled the hole for the upright spigot through the existing mount hole.
Wood Motor vehicle Gas Engineering Machine

Then I cut them to lenght and removed and cut off the original mount.
Wood Screw Auto part Machine Automotive exterior

After refitting you get this.
Wood Bumper Automotive wheel system Machine Metal

And with the uprights in place and lower mount added.
Motor vehicle Water Toy Self-propelled artillery Combat vehicle

I'll remove the screws and pin and glue the new mounts later.
Wheel Toy Motor vehicle Combat vehicle Gas

Here's how it rides now.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

I don't like the Silver Birch colour and have completely dismantled the model and stripped the paint. Bloody Ertl model! I've stripped the paint and it's still Silver Birch! 🤣🤣
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

The boot opening was very limited but I've increased it by filing the hinges and the top edge of the aperture. It was about half of this to start with.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood


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Thank you Steven.

This is how I modified the front Chrono wheels to fit the uprights using the hubs from the Ertl wheels. Far right is an Ertl wheels as it comes. To the left an Ertl wheel after removing the hub from the rear spokes. The hub on the inside of the Chrono wheel was ground off, the centre hole filled with plastic tube and rod and rubbed smooth. The Ertl hub was reduced on the inner face then glued to the Chrono wheel. The wheels locates in the upright and is secured with a self tapping screw from the rear. The uprights have ca. 4mm long locating pins so moving the upper mount up 2mm means the lower pin still locates in the bottom mount. The upright can move up and down and by rights I ought to add a spacing washer, but hey, when a car is raised off its wheels the suspension sags and the wheels drop so I haven't bothered.
Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire

I have now glued and pinned the replacement mounts with 2m brass rod and dispensed with the screws.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Car

The raised upper mounts foul the bottom edge of the engine bay so slots need to be cut in the bay to clear the mounts.
Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive wheel system Automotive exterior Gas

Here's a few comparison images of the Chrono vs Ertl. A bit late in the day I know, but still useful for anyone looking for a budget DB5. Chrono on the left in each image. The roof and windscreen are wider on the chrono and the rear window is rectangular instead of tapered towards the bottom and the bottom edge straight instead of curved.
Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design

The bonnet is a better fit on the Chrono but there are no washer jets which are moulded in relief on the Ertl. Both have shell or bullet type wing mirrors which are set further back on the Chrono (missing on both models as received). Although the radio is represented in the Chrono, there is no aerial, which the Ertl has mounted ahead of the right hand A pillar. Not showing here, but the wipers on the Ertl are better and I've busted one on the Chrono. The door handles are finer on the Chrono and will be used on the Ertl.
Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Vehicle Hood Car

The drops in the bodywork either side of the AM badge at the front are better defined on the Chrono. The bodywork behind the grill is open on the Chrono but the plastic grill is solid and very thick so rubbing down the rear as I did on the Yatming DB4Z would be a real pain. On the Ertl the bodywork behind the grill is blanked but the grill is open. It would be quite easy to remove the blank but the bonnet hinge mount are very large and would be visible, pretty much obscuring the radiator, so I'm passing on that this time.
Car Automotive parking light Vehicle Tire Grille

Here you can see the bonnet hinges. To fully open the aperture on the chrono would be a real chore as the metal is about 4mm thick. Both models have large dog leg hinges on the doors.
Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Light Automotive design

This inner rear view shows the difficulty in opening up the boot. The metal is quite thick but more importantly, the rear screw columns impede into the aperture area. Too much pain and strife to go there and life's too short.
Hood Light Blue Motor vehicle Bumper

Here are the main external chrome details. Not much to choose between them other than the open grill on the Ertl. I haven't checked yet, but I'm hoping the Chrono front bumper will fit so I can eliminate the representation of the James Bond revolving number plate mount without having to butcher the Ertl one. Both models are right hand drive with the Chrono having UK plates and the Ertl from the Bahamas, I assume from the Bond film???
Wood Gas Metal Watercraft Engineering

And the exhausts. The upper emaciated one is the Chrono. The tailpipes on the Ertl are quite good for a plastic moulding and would drill out nicely to improve them, but I'll be replacing them with metal items.
Wood Tool Air gun Musical instrument Metal

Dashboards. Although just decals, I prefer the more visible appearance of the Chrono dials. The Ertl dials are a one piece sticker with a cover containing the bezels and switches, but the dials are too recessed and too small. I'm hoping I can modify the Chrono board to fit as it also includes the radio.
Rectangle Material property Font Automotive exterior Fashion accessory

The engine bay on the Chrno is integral with the floor pan whereas the Ertl is a separate moulding. At the rear of the Chrono floor pan you can see where I added some plasticard to tighten the rear axle which was very sloppy. This was before I decided to write off the Chron and go the Ertl route. I read somewhere that the Chrono model came with a pull back "motor" at the rear and there is evidence of some missing fittings and the axle has splines in the center possibly to accommodate a sprocket for the pull back???
Wood Rectangle Gas Auto part Handgun holster

The really big differences are seen on the engines. I'm sure if I just stripped and painted the Ertl engine and then reassembled, it would look very good. However, there are bound to be some additional details to add.
Wheel Product Motor vehicle Black Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Car

Both engine blocks are screwed together and on the Ertl the screw is visible behind the oil filter. It won't be seen when installed in the engine bay, but I'll still fill the hole.
Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Hood Vehicle

Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Tire

Just to emphasise how poor the underside of the Chrono model is, here are some views of the front and rear suspension. Way over simplified.
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The Ertl on the other hand is much more realistic. I'm hoping to add the springs front and rear when I get to it.
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The seats on the Chrono are larger and have a separate chromed hinge fitting. I'm not sure if either is correct size wise but I'm going to use the Chrono ones. The Chrono were push fit in the floorpan and the Ertl screw fit which I prefer.
Yellow Flooring Floor Automotive design Material property

The rear seat and parcel shelf are better on the Ertl, with the Chrono seat having an over large hump in the middle, perhaps to allow clearance for the pull back feature mmentioned above.
Gas Machine Auto part Motor vehicle Electronic component

The Ertl model , whilst not having any movable Bond car features, is supposed to represent the DB5 used in one of the later Bond films and as such comes with various bits of rubbish on the transmition tunnel. At the front an early version of the "TomTom" perhaps, with two further parts behind the gear lever, the hindmost being integrally moulded to the tunnel. Here the rear edge of the seat mounts have been modified to allow the Chrono seats to fit further forward.
Wood Floor Flooring Motor vehicle Combat vehicle

The left seat shows the position without modifying the mount.
Wood Automotive design Motor vehicle Vehicle Rectangle

To allow fixing by screw, plasticard was added to the underside of the seats for the screw to bite into. The holes from the discarded Bond features have been filled with Isopon and the damaged black flocking removed.

Automotive design Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Automotive lighting

Both seats screwed in place. Much better than having to glue them after carpeting.

Automotive design Wood Motor vehicle Flooring Floor

Another Bond feature that had to go was the large housing inside the boot lid for the number plate. Here it's already been attacked with a slitting disc in the mini drill.
Automotive lighting Automotive design Motor vehicle Wood Automotive exterior

Cleaned up ready for filling.
Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Wood Bumper Automotive design

These children's clothes pegs from Hobbycraft are ideal for holding parts in place while the Epoxy resin cures.
Hand Hood Wood Chair Beige

And filled with Isopon on the outside. On the left is the boot handle/numberplate light holder from Ertl which looks too chunky to me so I'll be fitting the one from the Chrono model.
Asphalt Automotive lighting Road surface Wood Floor

These are the foot pedals with replacement mounting studs from brass rod as the originals broke during removal
Water Boat Watercraft Wood Vehicle

The metal parts have already been primed and are being prepared for the topcoat colour with extra filling here and there before rubbing down with fine wet and dry.
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Hood Toy


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The Ertl model , whilst not having any movable Bond car features, is supposed to represent the DB5 used in one of the later Bond films and as such comes with various bits of rubbish on the transmition tunnel.
That's quite interesting. You mentioned the Bahamas registration, which would make it the car that James Bond wins playing poker in Casino Royale. But that was a different car to the one with the gadgets that Q branch had, for no good reason, kept in London, since being used by a different James Bond 50 years earlier*. The one in the Bahamas definitely wouldn't have had gadgets or a revolving licence plate so Ertl obviously just re-used tooling from a previous Goldfinger version.

Looking forward to seeing how this latest beauty turns out!

* Which is the one that Bond, equally inexplicably, was able to borrow in Skyfall, that then got destroyed and again inexplicably rebuilt from a pile of ashes by Q branch, including all of its gadgets, and that Bond was then able to borrow permanently to use as his own personal car. Because obviously Q branch wouldn't mind wasting all of the time and money to rebuild an antique with no obvious use, only for Bond to basically steal it, nor that a former agent now had a car with working, loaded machine guns. I love Bond, and the Daniel Craig ones were mostly really good, but having the gadgety DB5 was beyond f🤬king idiotic. /rant

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Thank you Spikey for the clarification on the Bond films/cars. I found this on t'internet which clearly shows a normal number plate not the silly revolving appurtenance represented on the Ertl front bumper. From my tone, I guess you can deduce I'm not a fan of the bond films.

Vehicle Aston martin db5 Land vehicle Tire Automotive parking light

Here's comparison of the steering wheels. Chrono on the left which is the one I'll be using.
Eyewear Wood Gas Jewellery Art

As mentioned earlier, although the Ertl facia is more 3 dimensional with raised bezels etc, but the dials are too small and indistinct, so I'm using the facia from the Chrono model grafted onto the Ertl dashboard, which also has the windscreen air vents at the front edge. In this image the Chrono facia already has the passenger hand grip from the Ertl model fixed in place, with the Etrl dashboard below after cutting off its facia. The dash is in two pieces which made cutting the facia off relatively easy.
Rectangle Automotive exterior Wood Tool Font

And a view from above showing the air vents.
Photograph Light Black Automotive design Motor vehicle

After fixing the facia, filling the joint and painting Matt black.
Rectangle Material property Table Motor vehicle Automotive design

I should have done a little better with the joint at the bottom but I think it will pass muster when it's back in the car.
Wood Material property Pattern Flooring Magenta

Here's the exhaust after replacing the tailpipes and painting.
Wood Art Stationery Metal Auto part

And on the floorpan with the original moulded tailpipes for comparison. The floorpan of the Ertl model is quite good as it comes and it should be possible to raise it up to the standard of the Autoart model.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Here's the floorpan after removing the moulded pipework etc which will be replaced with separate pipes along with additional details.
Handgun holster Wood Gun accessory Pattern Rectangle

I've removed the unprototypical crossbeam at the front of the engine bay to facilitate easier installation of the engine and other parts later on.
Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper Wood Machine

On the engine itself, I've started to add some of the missing details. Fixing bolts added to the exhaust manifold.
Human body Jaw Road surface Asphalt Wood

The engine has been reassembled and painted with the screw hole in the right side and hole in the sump extension filled in.
Wheel Motor vehicle Gas Vehicle Machine

On the other side the manifold has been added, along with the dipstick and breather pipe from the rocker cover and the started motor painted and refitted slightly lower down. I found an engine image with the manifold and gearbox black so I've gone with that.
Circuit component Electronic component Gas Engineering Auto part

The front of the engine around the water pump is missing several pipes and hoses and these will bd added.
Circuit component Passive circuit component Computer hardware Electronic engineering Electronic component

And with a dry fit of the fan which has still to be painted.
Motor vehicle Vehicle Wheel Automotive design Automotive exterior


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Bit late to this thread Peter but knowing your previous excellent work i have no doubt that you will turn the turd into another beautiful swan 😁 I have a Sunstar version of the DB5 which is essentially a rebadge of the Chrono one. It might have looks marginally better but in all honesty it isn't great. Solido made another budget Db5 couple months ago but it doesnt look all that convincing for me to buy it and replace the Sunstar one...

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Thank you Jazzy. I never thought of it in terms of turning turds into swans, but it's a good analogy. 😁 As for the Solido DB5, it would look good on the shelf as the proportions look right and the wheels are not too bad, but with only the doors opening (albeit on decent hinges from what I've seen) it would be a non starter for me also.

Here's another view of the hybrid Chrono/Ertl dashboard with the Chrono steering wheel. I'm going to tidy up the facia paintwork and give it a coat of semi Matt varnish to tone it down a bit. Hopefully I've got the correct size punches to make some masks for the dials as I want to leave them bright. I think the steering wheel rim will benefit from a whisk of Tamiya clear smoke as well. There's a slight gap between the bottom of the radio and the transmission tunnel so I'll add a piece of plasticard to fill it along with some very fine mesh that I have to cover the speaker.
Guitar accessory Musical instrument accessory String instrument accessory Material property Musical instrument

I had a change of heart on the blanked off aperture behind the front grill and have opened it up using an assortment of cutting burrs in the mini drill. That left the rather large hinge plate mount and screw columns visible.
Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior

So after a session with the thinking cap on, I drilled and tapped some holes to accept M1.4 screws and a new more discreet hinge plate.
Hood Automotive lighting Beige Automotive exterior Wood

Then hacked off the screw columns.
Hood Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part

I don't have a suitable tap for tapping shallow dumb holes so I had to drill and tap all the way through. However, after fitting the hinge plate and screws secured with CA, rubbing smooth and making good, it looks OK.
Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

Although the hinges are not prototypical I think it looks a lot better now. However, the benefit will be more on the view inside with the bonnet open rather than through the grill.
Home appliance Gadget Automotive design Office equipment Automotive exterior

I've made a start on "hybridising" the front bumpers from the two models to eliminate the fictitious revolving number plate housing but dont have any images yet.


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You really take everything one step further. This "Hybrid Theory" (Linkin Park anyone? LOL) is looking great, the wheels and steering wheel on the ERTL really look nasty but the added bonus of the opening trink and better engine really got me thinking about replacing my old Chrono (which didn't look so bad before). Regarding the dashboard, wouldn't it have been feasible to replace the whole part? Or boring out the gauges and placing the Chrono clocks on the background? BTW, nice solution for the bonnet hinge fixation. And is it just me or did you break one of the steering wheel spokes...?:unsure:

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Thanks João.
It may have been feasible to install the whole Chrono dashboard, but it would need just as much work to get it to fit in the Ertl body. Also the Chrono dashboard is missing the air vents to the windscreen and the grip on the passenger side is not good either. Boring the gauges and replacing the Chrono clocks is also not possible as the Ertl facia is too small. I think on balance my solution is best as it keeps the excellent clocks and other detail from the Chrono, with the vents, passenger grip and mountings to fit directly back into the Ertl body. Look at the difference in size of the Ertl bezel overlay and the Chrono clock layout.
Black Electronic instrument Font Auto part Engineering

I've now added further detail by way of some fine mesh to the radio speaker along with the push pull switches from brass rivets and the paddle switches from flattened copper wire.
Musical instrument accessory String instrument accessory Material property Body jewelry Jewellery

I've also added the red warning lights. They are just small brass rivets painted red. If I have a spare PE ignition key overlay I'll add that later.
Motor vehicle Gadget Font Electronic instrument Auto part

Having improved the bonnet hinge mount I had to do something for the boot to get rid of the hideous Ertl mount.
It was just a matter of doing a similar job to the front one. Drill and tap some holes for M1.4 screws and make a plate from nickel silver.
Hood Rim Automotive exterior Bumper Gas

Again I had to drill all the way through as I dont have a tap for blind holes, so snipping, filing and making good the exterior is required. I really should have done this before priming.
Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Automotive design

Not an ideal solution as the screws are visible and the hinges are not prototypical, but a whole lot better than Ertl' solution. I've gone for a beige interior as can be seen from the bood carpeting.

Automotive exterior Gas Bumper Auto part Composite material

Here's the completed interior.
Toy Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive wheel system

Land vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Vehicle Automotive design

And the door cards.
Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Wood Hood


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Here are some images of where I've got to so far with the engine showing the additional pipework ond hoses.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Wheel Automotive design Office equipment

PE mesh has been added to the front and rear of the radiator. Unfortunately it has a chamfer it the top to allow clearance for the bonnet hinge.
Motor vehicle Office equipment Vehicle Automotive design Typewriter

This view shows the rear of the radiator with the fan shroud. Once in place however, neither this nor the fan will be visible, so a bit of a vanity project.
Circuit component Jewellery Electronic component Natural material Metal

There's more pipework to be added to that little manifold bracketed off the rocker cover.
Automotive design Motor vehicle Machine Auto part Office supplies

The distributor and plug leads have been refitted, with the distributor now correctly positioned at an angle off the side, rather than centrally upright as it came.
Motor vehicle Gas Auto part Engineering Machine

The heat shields for the exhaust have been added, made from tin plated sheet.
Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior Tire Gas

And with the exhaust dry fit.

Gun barrel Toy Wood Gun accessory Engineering

I've added flat head brass rivets to the differential to represent the missing bolt detail.
Wood Gas Toy Lego Brick

The short length of prop shaft didn't quite fit into the enclosed transmition tunnel so I've replaced it with a length of styrene rod drilled and pinned onto the universal joint.
Wood Road surface Asphalt Thigh Flooring

And now it runs out of sight.
Bumper Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Office equipment Gas

To add the springs at the rear I first drilled holes to add lengths of styrene rod to mount the springs on. Here the one at the top has been trimmed to length. The ubiquitous biro pen spring was used for the springs.
Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive design Automotive tire Gas

And after painting.
Camera lens Reflex camera Digital camera Camera Automotive tire

This shows the fuel line, brake piping and Watt's Linkage. I need to make the return spring for the brake linkage and brush paint these additions.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Gas Automotive design Machine

Motor vehicle Bumper Gas Trigger Office equipment

Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Road surface

Although the underside was quite reasonable for a budget priced model, these additional details will lift it closer to the AutoArt model.
Gas Cylinder Trigger Machine Auto part


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Thanks Gents, I'm glad you like it.

The front shocks and springs have been made from copper wire, styrene tube and biro springs. Here they are before cutting the piston to length and painting.
Wood Art Pattern Jewellery Tool

And after painting and ready for fitting. I cut out some of the plastic on the lower bracket to see if I could mount the shocks in the correct position, but it would have fouled the uprights and prevented the steering from working. As a compromise the shocks are mounted on some replacement struts on the rear of the bracket seen here.
Circuit component Line Red Gas Jewellery

And after fitting.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

The engine is now installed as well and almost complete.
Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Automotive design Gas

It just needs some additional hoses to the rear of the carbs, plus some other bits anc pieces and some painting. There's an image in the James Taylor book on the DB4, 5 and 6 showing the air filter with a perforated metal cover and as I has some suitable PE sheet I've added this.
Automotive design Auto part Font Motor vehicle Machine

A quick mock up with the body to check that the repositioned distributor doesn't foul the bonnet.
Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior Steering wheel

And all's well.
Hood Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

There's still some details to add to the underside, but I'm getting to the point where I'll have to pluck up courage and spray the top coat on the body work.


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Some additional hoses for fitting to the rear of the carbs.
Wood Tool Office ruler Road surface Measuring instrument

And in place, along with the push/pull cable on top of the airbox.
Circuit component Auto part Audio equipment Engineering Electronic engineering

And after painting with the throttle cable also now added.
Automotive air manifold Auto part Machine Metal Automotive design

This overhead view shows the almost completed engine bay. I say almost as I've just realised I've overlooked the breather pipe on the header tank for the radiator.
Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive air manifold Gas Auto part

I've also been adding further detail to the underside. There is some sort of valve under that cover plate (made from brass sheet) but I don't know what it is and it can't be seen, so I've just added the pipework. There's also some further pipes and hoses to the rear of the sump. I'm not happy with the cord I used for the fuel line and I'm going to replace it.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

The rear brake pulls and Watt's linkage have now been painted but I still have to make and fit the return spring to the brake pull rod.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive design Motor vehicle

This is one of the the images I'm using as refference for the underside detail. There are one or two more bits I still need to add.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Vehicle Automotive exterior

But it's not looking too far away from it now. I had to cut off the screw columns for mounting the car in the box (which I don't have) as I fitted the engine bay before the interior which meant the interior would not go in as there wasn't clearance for the screw mounts. One of the holes is under the cover plate and I'll plug the rest.
Line Motor vehicle Gas Machine Automotive exterior

This is still mostly Ertl, but the Chrono wheels and front seats make a big difference.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

I need to make and fit the ashtrays on the transmition tunnel in the front and on either side of the seat at the rear.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Car


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The brake lever return spring made from plated copper wire has been fitted along with the clutch lever and some additional piping on the rear edge of front suspension cross member.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive design Cutting mat

And I've replaced the fuel pipe with painted copper wire and covered the superfluous mounting holes with some plasticard discs. That completes the work on the underside.
Motor vehicle Gas Machine Automotive exterior Engineering

That this model uses recycled parts from Ertl's Goldfinger edition is further evidenced by the cut out in the top of the glazing part for the side and rear windows.
Vehicle Automotive lighting Car Automotive design Bumper

I've covered it on the inside with a piece of plasticard to represent the roof lining and painted it.
Creative arts Wood Triangle Tints and shades Art

Further preparation and painting of the body will be next.

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Many thanks Maximo,
I'm glad you like the work and I see you have quite an extensive 1:18 collection! The HWE 348TB looks very nice and great shots as well.

I managed to get the colour coat on the model earlier in the week and will leave it a few more days yet before going over it with the rubbing compounds. It mentions in the James Taylor book on the marque that one example was factory finished in Ferrari Red, so that was all the excuse I needed. In the meantime couldn't resist some shots with the chassis in.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

The cables on the repositioned distributor are fouling the underside of the bonnet and will need some attention.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Toy

The main advantage of the smaller hinge plate at the front and removing the blank behind the grill will be seing daylight through the grill with the bonnet up.
Motor vehicle Automotive design Hood Bumper Automotive lighting

You can see how the cables are sitting too high in this image. I think I can rotate the distributor slightly to cure that.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood Car

The replacement hinge plate at the rear makes an even bigger difference than at the front. It's a shame that Ertl didn't do better in these areas.
Tire Automotive tail & brake light Hood Vehicle Toy


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I'm homing in on the finish line now, having rubbed down the paint work and polished it up. The chome trims around the side windows, rear window and number plate light have a been restored with Bare Metal foil. I've stuck with the existing chrome on the windscreen. Other chrome parts have been refitted and Perspex windows added to the door window frames. I've still to add the number plates, touch up one ot two areas and deal with the ignition cables fouling the bonnet, but the end is in sight.

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Aston martin db5 Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car Vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

Aston martin db5 Tire Vehicle Grille Motor vehicle

Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive tail & brake light


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Nearly there now. I've added the front and rear plates albeit with fictitious numbers slightly altered from a real one. Both the plates are from the Chrono model, to replace the "revolving" one on the front and the over large one on the rear. The face of the plate rim was rubbed down to give a flatter appearance and painted silver to match the figures.
Aston martin db5 Vehicle Grille Hood Car

On the rear plate, I rubbed down the face of the rim and the edges to thin them out to closer match the real plate and then rechromed it with Bare Metal foil.
Automotive tail & brake light Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle registration plate

It turns out the issue with the bonnet not sitting down fully was not due to the plug leads/distributor, but the cap on the radiator header tank fouling the rim on the bonnet edge. I've filed a gap in the rim to clear the cap and will touch up the paint later.
Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Vehicle Bumper

I think the Chrono dashboard facia and steering wheel make a big improvement to the interior although the wheel is somewhat close to the seat. I suspect the driver is very short!
Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Hood Wheel

Just the airvalves on the wheels and some alloy tape on the door edges and the top of the sills to finish off. I should have done that with the doors off!:mad:
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Oh, and not forgetting the aerial for the radio. The moulded Etrl one is a bit chunky so I'll have to make a new one. I'm toying with the idea of making a working one from nickel silver rod and tube.

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