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1/18 Ferrari Enzo GTR in white

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Here's another custom from E Shop-Shiba. :cheers
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I like that (the one without the prancing horse on the hood...hehe), but I think the Enzo looks really nice in white.
The Enzo looks like a warrior! :nicejob :nicejob

Ferrari should start an EnZo racing programme. :mine

It does look nice in white but those dubs are silly. No GTR vehicle will be racing on ultra low profile tires wrapped around rims made by a luxury wheel company like maya. Kinda detracts from the image. Maybe if they were painted black.
:iagree The rims definitely clash with the car's purpose and personality. Other than that, it looks great! Nothing like a white Enzo. :tongue
I agree about the rims being a little to bling, the Diablo GTR rims would suit this car much better. :cheers
Thanks for sharing the pics, white is absolutely stunning on the Enzo. :nicejob

I don't have a problem with the wheels as they are, but if they were polished instead of the chrome, it would be a nice touch. :cheers
I agree with the rims being a clash with the gtr look, but if looking at it without considering practicality, i think its quite hot!
Nice job Eric. That's the ideal look! :nicejob
For anyone whos interested in a white enzo but doesn't want to repaint it:


Course you'd need another enzo to donate some wheels or something of the like but the possibility is there.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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