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1/18 figures

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Does anyone know where one could possibly purchase 1/18 size people to go along with their dioramas? I have never seen any. :?

I have even thought about painting up one of my sons GI Joe figures to look like a mechanic. ;-)
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Most definately! Scoops and skirts, all kinds of stuff. And if your baked goods are not as nice as you would like the clay (in this form) sands very nice. I made some fog lamps and they came out OK, then I sanded them and painted them, put on a lens and WA LA.
what tools do I need to do details with the sculpy clay and does it come with the wire?
You'll find tools close to the clay. It does not come with the wire, since they don't know what you're going to use it for. Where ever you get the clay, you should be able to get the wire. It's nothing special, just thick enough to hold the clay inplace while it bakes. After that the clay will hold itself.
thanx monte, wat sorta paint do I use on em and do I need primer or any of that stuff on it??
No primer is necessary. Any kind of paint should work. Use flat paints as they look more real. You might even try "dry brushing" which would give them an even more real look. Dry brushing is when you paint the item one color, then use a different shade with very little paint on it. Dip the brush, then wipe it off. You want the brush to be wet only. Then brush it across the item quickly. This highlights with contrasting color(shade). Different combinations can give verying results. Some good, some not. But when it works, its great.
Have fun.
thanx man,
I'll be making some figurines with that
HI guys there are a few companys out therethat do 1/18 figers GMP do a 4 piece mechanic set as well as vintage drag car drivers and 60's race drivers there is also there is a company call motorhead miniaturs see web page below that have some good stuff

21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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