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I just got one of these today. sorry, I am unable to post pics atm coz I have no digicam, nor can I find a site with good pics of this car. I'm not sure if anyone done a review of this car so sorry if anyone has.


The paint in general is very good with no orange peel although it is a bit uneven on some openings, the interior and the wheelarch flares/bodykit. the decals on the rerar of the car are done very well and have a 3D feel to them



the exterior of this models is very good, the badge on the front sotrage compartment is an actual badge, not just a decal,the lights on the fornt bumper are nicely done with the attachment stub rendered like a bulb, the indicators and tiny foglights? next ot them are nicely done and are mounted on a silver background, a small button undernath the car raises the pop-up head lights a bit, then you can raise them by hand, those lights look the most realsitic on thw whole car. on my model, the right one doesn't close flush with the body. most of the door gaps are tight, the fornt bonnet is hard to open by hand so I recommend a flat object to help you open it, preferably a tool from another diecast. all scoops are perforated, the door handles are present, the exhausts are nicely done, the rear grille ( under the numberplate) is a mesh grille and is done nicely. the rear view mirrors are done nicely and the reflective bit is placed properly, the windows have a bit of a weird effect but maybe it's just me...... also the correct windscreen wiper is there



as this is my first Kyosho model, i expected AUTOart quality but kyosho is a bit better. In the front storage compartment, the spare tyre is thre and is made like the ones actually on the car, not jsut a tyre and rim filled with black plasic and a stub which is stuck into the floor, the horn is present, a black thing which might be the battery, the brake boooster is there is so is a duct, possibly for the brakes. opening the scissor doors which open on realstic hinges, u have 2 c it 2 understand. The cabin looks great, the dash is mounted properly unlike the AUTOart one, the dials would be leglible with a magnifying glass, the steering wheel has the bull logo in the centre and the incicator and windscreen wiper levers are on the steering column, flocking is nicely done, pedals are done well, paint is a bit rough on the passenger side on my model but is barley noticeable, the centre console is nicely done , with all the buttons, the H type gearshift, with the gear pattern marked on the top, and a rectangular hole behind it, not sure what that's for. The handbrake is on the left of the cnetre console. the seats look realistic and they have the soft- feel effect, like real leather, seatbelts and buckes are made with the right materials and look proper, the speakers are visible next to the seats. in betewwn the cntre console and both seats are the things for the seatbelt buckels to go in. the rear view mirror is nicely done, I reckon Kyosho done the size of both windscreens right. The doors have the window winders but no handles to open the doors?? just a rectangle depression where I think they should be. There is still one more interior part, a storage compartment behind the engine, the rear spoiler is monted on the bootlid so use that to open it or open it from the back. not mch to see here, just a small space with carpeting, good flocking I mean to say.


wheels /brakes:

thee rims have the correct design, the lugnuts are just cirlces but aren't moldend as part of the rim, the centre cap have the bull logos on them. the tyres have no brand which iv'e heard is typical kyosho, I haven't seen the tread so I cannot say is is correct nor wrong, kyosho seen to have gotten the sizes right for the tyres ansd wheels. The calipers and discs are present but the discs don't rotate with the wheels.


engine and undercarrige:

under the engine cover, which has the correct slats and a yelow warning sticjker on the underside, the engine has the lamborghini text on the cam covers, the drive belts is there but is modled with the alternatior ,oil pump, fuel pump, driveshaft and what ever else a drive belt drives, the red wiring for the cylinders is present and folowing them toward the rear of the car revels the distibutor, there is also some black wires, there is some gold and grey things on the outer side of the cylinder banks, possibly the carbs and there is a thin brace. looking in where the air from the air scoop behind the cabin on the right reveals ducting leading to a radiator complete with fan, therew is ducting on the left sidfe to but there is piping that is blocking my view of the left raditatior. There isn't a whole lot to see on the undercarrige as it was desiged that way on the real car, this modle has realistic working supsension front and rear, that might have made it seem a little low on the fornt but it's only a litte bit and makes it look more agressive, gearbox and large sump cover are present and look fairly realistic, you can see the exhaust piping from the engine, it is all black except for the tailpipes, which are chrome, they crossover like on the real thing and the small mufflers are there, the tailipipe in a tail pipe effect is there too. If only the drive belt was rubber, it would get an 8.



AUTOart is the only other manufacturer who made an effort with this model



This model isn't a limited edition but the quality is on par with some LM models

overall: 41/50

I hope you liked this review and hope it helps you in some way. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm very happy with this model and it made a gr8 b'day present. @ $115 AU ($81US) it is a good price for this sort of quality.

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thanx miniman and Richard :happytwo

Does anyone here know the year this model was based on as it doesn't say on the box.
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