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The engine is almost done now. It still needs one or two bits and pieces adding to finish it off, but I couldn't resist a quick mock up. All the leads to the distributors (apart from the coil leads) are done, I've replaced the feed pipes on the carbs with clear "thread" coloured yellow to represent the fuel with Tamiya clear yellow, made and added the wingnuts to tops of the carb, coiled some fine silver wire around the ducting on the right, added some further ducting are the rear left, added missing hose clips and repainted the existing clips and hoses.
View attachment 274269

The plate to the left of the carbs in this image was chromed, but on prototype images it appears to be Al with chromed fixings so I've repainted it to match that. Nuts on the engine block and rocker covers picked out in chrome along with the plug lead tubes and various filler caps.
View attachment 274270

The dipstick has been added between the exhaust manifold and some further piping needs to be added on this side along with some touching up of the paintwork.
View attachment 274271

Looks a bit more business like now.
View attachment 274272

Does anybody know where the ignition coils were located?

Looks good
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