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1/18 Toyota Vellfire Executive Lounge 3.5 (by KENGFai) Vs. Toyota Vellfire Executive Lounge Hybrid (by Sum's Models)

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Big Boss Battle! Which type of boss are you and what are your desires in a vehicle? Are you one that lusts after a powerful image with in your face attention grabbing appearance or, are you the type of understated boss that likes to get things done with efficiency while being as understated as possible?
In Japan, China and greater Asia, Toyota's Alphard and its brothers the Vellfire and Lexus LM have taken over as a premium luxury vehicle segment that luxury sedans once were a common placeholder for executives and the wealthy. Whereas the west has shifted more towards MASSIVE SUVs for premium clients, in Asia midsize vans have become all of the rage. Most westerners which I have spoken with don't get it either (mentally think minivans and common family outings)......but it actually makes sense.
When you look at the bigger picture these vans make a lot of sense, because you are not compromised spatially. Plus in these size vans, they often come with an interior that feels more like a business or first-class jet accommodations.
One of the most controversial themes that vans in this segment feature is, BIG MASSIVE FRONT GRILLS. Seems like the larger and flashier the grills are, the more luxurious these types of vehicles are seen as in Asia. Many western friends of mine are turned off by them. I'm impartial and more open minded, so it doesn't bother me. Also, it's not my culture, so I just accept and respect the differences and keep it moving. I have actually come to appreciate that these vans aren't big-bland-boring, Asia went in a different direction for what luxury means to them.

I have had my KENGFai 1/18 Toyota Vellfire Executive Lounge 3.5 since summer of 2021, but have just made time to finally shoot it with my OEM Sum's Model Toyota Vellfire Executive Lounge Hybrid.
I was grateful that KENGFai also made the Toyota Vellfire Executive Lounge 3.5 in both 1/18th and 1/64th scales, as I find it way more interesting than the more conservative Toyota Vellfire Executive Lounge Hybrid design wise. I like the Gundam/Macross/Transformers Sci-fi in your face look of the Vellfire Executive Lounge 3.5, it's unapologetically Japanese. I love that bravado! So, I guess I'd be the more standout boss vehicle wise.
What we have here are two fully functional opening diecast masterpieces. Everything that you would want on a full 360 access model to move/slide/tilt/flip or open does here and for very competitive prices to quality ratios never seen before in this scale. Seriously highly functioning models.
When you open the rear sliding doors and liftgate in the back, you will find what looks like various seating positions. Both feature seats which can slide and fold flat almost to parallel to the floor. In both Vellfires you can find that those two are actually featuring a 3rd row seating position.
In these Vellfires, you'll notice that the two 2nd & 3rd row "Captain's Chairs" which can slide back and fourths with working arm rests on all four of the 1st & 2nd row seating.
Next, when you look up or down inside of these miniatures, you will find dual sliding sunroof/panoramic roves with interior shade covers and a tilting sun/moonroof feature up front. When you move to the exterior, you will be impressed by the solid & smooth easy sliding rear doors as well as the opening fuel door access replicated here, pivoting/rotating side mirrors, opening hood/bonnet & rear hatch/tailgate door with smoked limo-tinted rear privacy glass for rear passenger seclusion and an abundance of chrome slathered here and there to break up the volume-isk mass. Under their hoods, you will find deeply detailed engine castings for various petrol and hybrid-petrol combination motor detailing and labeling. When you flip the model over to view the chassis, you'll be pleased to find out that it too is metal with highly detailed working suspension! Also, present are gorgeously & realistically replicated exhaust systems and tail pipe finishers. All top class, not a step or a beat lost anywhere.
To finish off all of the highly detailed work, the two model's colors range from a deep black & a black-blue-ish metallic paint finishes. Their exteriors are also highly accurately detailed, plus the crystal-like headlamps along with in-depth accurate frosted white/sandblasted look taillamps that look spot on. Proper intricately metal badging plus detailed wheels wrap up these impressive pieces.
A bit tardiness with this review, however, I think that it paints a solid picture for other considering adding one of these. Currently, as they have both been out now for around roughly two years, you can probably pick one or both up for a lot less than I initially paid upon first releases. Cheers!

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1/18 Toyota Vellfire Executive Lounge 3.5 (by KENGFai).........
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Great comparison Dave!
I have the Keng Fai Alphard and I like that piece a lot!
Seeing your review here, I really want to add the Keng Fai 3.5 Vellfire RHD.

Agreed with everything you said on the review!

Thanks for the eye candies!
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I envy your 1:64 collections!!
I started my car collecting hobby with 1:64 when I grew up in Indonesia (Tomica, Matchbox, Majorette). I had hundreds of those old 1:64 and left them @ Indonesia. Not sure where they are now.
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