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My latest ebay purchase was a new addition to my VW-collection:

The chinese VW New Bora.

Less-than-fashionable in stock version. :giggle

But with some actions I tried to make it sightly:

- wheels of Maisto Audi TT (lowered at front)
- grill frame plated (Bare Metal Foil)
- lips at front- and rear-bumper painted flat black
- sidemarkers
- changed wishy-washy rubber antenna with 2mm steel wire
- tinted the lower part of taillights
- removed chinese lettering on trunk lid
- US-plates

State of affairs:

in my opinion the combination of color and rims looks even a bit sporty now.

The interior will be done in a few days, I need to get fawn fibres for carpeting first.

How do you like it?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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