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Perhaps if we start a string of what we want to see in 1:18 die-cast, one or more of the manufacturers just might make one or more of them.

Here is my wish list (at the moment):

1959 Aston Martin DBR LeMans

70's Ferrari 512S LeMans Racer (make both factory and private liveries)

89/90 Nissan R89 / 91 / 92 Endurance Racers

90 Jaguar XJR-12 Racers (including LeMans winner)

02 MG Lola LeMans Racer

02 Morgan Aero8 LeMans Racer

02/03 Panoz LMP1 Open Cockpit Endurance Racers (all liveries)

04 Ferrari 550 Endurance Racer

05 Panoz LeMans Racer

05 Aston Martin LeMans Racer


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Where do I begin :giggle LOL,. Seriously though, I would like some companies to do the following cars. They are in NO particular order, except the first 3, I want them done first AND now!!!

1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT (My dream Lamborghini. I'm going to do a custom one-off from the AUTOart Diablo GTR VERY SOON)

1995/6 Ford Indigo Concept Car. (This concept looks soo cool)

BMW M1 Street car in red or white

1999 Lamborghini Diablo 6.0

Ferrari FXX (this is a track only Enzo based car that just became reality. 800 hp) Click on the link to read the article

Pagani Zonda Roadster

B Engineering Edonis (I hear it's coming from the same people who made the Lotec)

Koenigsegg CCR (same as above, Maxicar is making it)

Noble M12 (Maxicar, I believe, has this on there list also)

Vector W8 Twin Turbo in other colors (White, Silver, and Yellow would be great)

Vector AWX-3 coupe AND Roadster

Vector M12

MORE Vintage Ferrari's from Kyosho (a 275 GTB/4 & a 250 GT SWB would be great. I know Exoto is coming out with them, but I want affordable, not $250 :ranting )

More vintage Lamborghini's from Kyosho. (Islero, Jarama, Urraco, Jalpa, Silouette, and the LM002 truck)

Lamborghini Muira Roadster (the car is a one-off. Known as the ZN75 car. Kyosho should add this to their roster of Muiras they are doing)

AMG Hammer (the original AMG car. The red 300E sedan)

Vintage Maseratis (Bora and Merek)

Detomaso Mangusta

Bizzarinni 5300 GT

I can go on and on, but this should do for now, :giggle .

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Oh where to begin!
Every World Championship winner for one. Been waiting too long for some good eighties cars.

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Ummmm... not too much... AUTOart quality level and above, and that is why you'll find some cars who have already been produced in 1:18.
Ford GT90, the XJ220 Jag, more TVR's, Peugeot 4002 Concept, Bugatti EB110, Bugatti Type 37A Hanni Roadster, Dodge Viper GTS, Aston Martin DB\R\9, Audi Rosemeyer Concept, Audi R8 Team Oreca, Buick Y-Job Concept, Cadillac El-Dorado Biarritz (or whatever it's writen), Citroen BX, Peugeot 205GTI, De Soto Ghia Adventurer II, Duesenberg SJ Mormon Meteor Speedster, Fiat 500L, Land Rover Range Rover all generation, Lister Storm street , Mercedes-Benz 150 Sportroadster, Mercedes Benz 300SLR, Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Rodster, Nissan R390 GTI, 1934 Packard Twelve 1106 Lebaron Speedster, Peugeot 302, Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow, Porsche GT1 1997, Porsche 550, Porsche No.1 48', 1914 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Labourdette Skiff, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bugatti type 41 "Royale", Peugeot 106...
but above all, i have a weird attraction to buses, so i wish for more 1:18 buses of course.

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Ok, since we're in a modest mood... I only want *three* items:
1. ALL the Le Mans winners in 1/18 (that's about 50 so far unreleased models... plus all those already around which I can't afford, e.g. Exotos);
2. Money enough to buy them all;
3. Space enough to display them all (this includes cabinets, rooms to accomodate the cabinets... and of course a house big enough to accomodate those rooms... including a very spacious garage to store all those empty boxes!).
After buying all of these, yes: all F1 World Champs.
Exaggerated? Me??? :tongue Well, whishing is cheap!

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I would like to have all of the Group C racers in 1:18 if at all possible. Not every single one of their configurations, but I think that one of each model isnt too much to ask for.

Cars like:

Peugeot 905 LM
Toyota 88CV
Nissan R92
Aston Martin AMR1

And any other Group C racers that I left off. :wink

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Yeah. I think I have a bit of a "thing" for these cars.
I remember the first pic I saw of a 75 Lauda Ferrari as a small boy. Made me feel "funny". Wasn't until I got the same feeling seeing Debra Harry from Blondie a little while later that I realised why! :happy

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Most of what I'd like in 1:18 are available in 1:43. Here's a few:

1968/69 Ferrari 365GTS (not in any scale AFAIK)
1996 Ferrari F40 LM #59
1998 Nissan R390 GT1 #32
Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale (Black)
Porsche Dauer 962 Street
1980? BMW M1 (Nurburgring map livery) #201

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Some wishes of my own. . .

1958 Packard Hawk

1962-64 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk

1942-46 Hudson Pickup

1974-75 Bricklin

Porsche 356B or C 2000GS

Porsche 911R, (the first one)

Peugeot 24CT "Tigre"
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