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1:24 Custom Dub City Escalade on 30"s

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This may not be to most of you guys taste...But here goes anyway.

This is my 1:24 Black Cadillac Escalade by Dub City. Included:

30 inch rims
Full Tint
Tilt Hood
Rechromed Engine
Interior is same as previous iterations


You can see what it looked like prior to most of the mods in the very first picture. I'm very proud of those totally unsteerable rims!

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The tilt hood looks great!
Sweet ride gafotes! Very nice work on the hood. Those are huge subs too
I can almost feel the SPL from them. Luckily your dubs don't have to worry about real potholes!
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I didn't know Jada had scale 30' wheels :? :? :?:
Thanks guys :sm:

I didn't know Jada had scale 30' wheels
Well actually they don't. They have 24"s and 26"s (they say on their packaging that they have 22"s and 24's but they didn't calculate well) for their 1:24 models.

The wheelse above are those knock-offs you can buy online (collectablediecast.com and ebay are good sources). They're meant to be used as 22"s (mebbe 21"s) in 1:18 scale but when you drop them onto a 1:24 vehicle (as above) they end up being close to 30"s. I don't think I can go any bigger than this without making this vehicle look like a monster truck.

The tilt hood looks great!
Yeah this was my first hinge (inspired by a tutorial by Shakedown who can be found at Joes diecast). Its just a single piece of rod with hollow tubing worked in. The JB weld makes it look messy though so I may consider repainting that hood area to make it look a bit better. You may notice that large grooves were cut out of the engine block. This made it look pretty shabby since it stripped away the chrome so I repainted that. The engine block also lost a bit of mass because of the beefy wheels.
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Thats nice.I like the hood.Does it roll?
Yup it does roll, albeit not as smoothly as the original wheels. The axles are in the original location and much chopping and grinding was needed to remove enough material. Some spots still rub lightly so it won't be able to run as smoothly as I would like. :???:
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