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1/43 ferrari advice needed

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I have wanted to get hold of a Ferrari 312T and 126 F1 cars. I would love the Exoto 1/18 but the prices are insane so I am finaly going the 1/43 route.

There seem to be quite a few manufacturers and I wanted to know if anyone can recommend a particularly good company for classic Ferrari F1 in 1/43? I have checked out online models by Hotwheels, Brumm, IXO, Minichamps and Quartzo but it is difficult to tell the quality in pictures and they all seem to be going for about £30.

If anyone can recommend the best version that would be great!
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As far as 312T goes, you have an alternative in 1:18. Minichamps made a model of it years back. It is not as detailed as Exoto, but it is still very good and they pop up on e-bay every now and then for around $100.
as far as 1:43, minichamps used to be the norm. The best you can get right now in the price range you are looking for would be the the IXO LaStoria model in the tin box that looks like a book. Actually I would recommend that entire collection. They are extremely good and go for about $40.they do have a 312T, 312T2,312T3, 312T4. However no 126 yet. The closest to them would be the Mattel Elite, which are made by IXO for them and are almost identical minus some extra detail.
Mattel Elite in 1:43 do have several variations of the 126 that are very good. IMO they are just as good or better than the old Minichamps release and a step above the Brumm issue.
To put it in two words - Mattel/Ixo
Thanks Mrm, very helpful and I will get onto some of those makes and check them out now!
Here are a couple of pics of the Hot Wheels Elite 1/43rds. The 1964 Ferrari 158 is a fairly new release. Decals on straight, real mesh covers over the air intakes, gated shifter with wood knob, nice tread pattern on tires, wiring to the brake discs. Overall, I am very happy with the release. I think Hot Wheels is definitely getting their 1/43rds right. Their early efforts were just as laughable as their early 1/18 efforts. Definitely not the Art/Best/Minichamps quality that I was used to for Ferrari 1/43rds in the late 90's.

The 2nd one is a modern F1 (in case you might be interested in opening up your interests). While the 2008 Ferrari F1 challenger 1:1 has too many fiddily bits on it to be "beautiful" I've liked it (waaay more than the 2009 challenger). The Hot Wheels Elite effort on it is fantastic! They really could have ruined the model considering all of the finicky barge boards and aero bits but it's very well done. I won it at auction for $9.00 usd and can't believe how lucky I was. I think people are sleeping on the Hot Wheels 1/43 releases.

I also have the La Storia's and highly recommend those too. Next time I am in the basement I will dig a couple out for you.

Sorry for the bad pictures (that is sadly my trademark

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