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I'm unsure which forum this would fit, so I figured general hobby is the best place. Now to avoid flooding the forum with numerous questions since my questions kind of relate to each other I figured I would ask them all in this thread.

So, part one...I have googled till the sun came up and for the life of me I cannot find any sites, stores etc that sell 1:64 diecast parts. I want to customize my hot wheels and am curious if anyone knows where one could get like 1:64 axles, real rider rubber tires, different wheels, etc just to name a few items. I also know that some people once they drill out the rivets and are all done customizing they replace the rivets with screws, which I've done but the other thing I would like to know what size rivets to use and where to get them?

Part 2 of the question is this, Hot Wheels and commercially produced diecast cars are VERY sturdy and by sturdy I'm referring more to the paint. Unless you REALLY abuse them the paint hold up EXTREMELY well! With that said, is there a better paint to use over another to ensure they are somewhat durable? Also for people that have accomplished this before what is the best process? I paint and do body work on actual cars and trucks, so is it fairly similar to diecast, like a basic primer, base coat, clear coat system or is there a better system to use? Lastly like actual vehicles do you buff the paint or is it not necessary to buff them?

Then the final question is decals, when is the best time and what is the best way to apply them. If the paint is the basic primer, base, clear as stated before does one put the decals on over the base then clear or do you clear the car then put the decals on? And with decals what materials are needed beyond the paper and such, is there a spray you need or special application items?

Thanks to everyone for viewing and for the help, its GREATLY appreciated!!
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